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The Affordability of Living in Riverside County

by So Cal VA Homes
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The cost of living in Riverside County makes it an affordable place to relocate to. Median home prices make the biggest difference when comparing the cost of living in Riverside to surrounding counties such as Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. On average, the median home cost in Riverside County is 40% less than Los Angeles County, for example. The same home that costs approximately $400,000 in Riverside would cost $670,000 in Los Angeles. That’s a huge difference! Home prices are sure to be a significant factor when you compare the affordability of choosing between Riverside County and the surrounding high-cost counties.

Home prices aren’t the only factor, of course. According to at least one cost of living calculator, living in Riverside County is 24.6% cheaper than Los Angeles after considering the cost of food, childcare, utilities, transportation, health, taxes, gas, insurance, and more. The same calculator reports that the cost of living in Riverside is currently 17% cheaper than San Diego and 30% cheaper than cities in Orange County.

Using Your VA Home Loan Benefits

The thing is, the cost of living in Riverside County is an even more attractive option for Veterans as soon as the benefits of using a VA home loan is factored into the equation. VA loan limits have increased  as of January 1, 2019, and this means that you can get a lot of house for your hard-earned money. VA loan limits increased in response to rising home prices in 2018. Since loan limits have increased from $453,100 to $484,350, Veterans now have 6.9% more to work with when purchasing a house. Because the median home price for a home in Riverside County is currently in the high 300s, you will have many options when searching for a house! Use our VA loan limit calculator and see the numbers for yourself. You can afford more than you think!

As the above paragraph states, Riverside County conforms to the current VA loan limit of $484,350. This is the standard VA loan limit in most circumstances (unless you are purchasing a home in a so-called high-cost county ). If you go above this standard limit, then you have the option of using a VA jumbo home loan .

Why wait? Check out listings for Riverside County and the City of Temecula right now!

Cost of Living in Riverside County

Affordability isn’t the only reason to consider buying a house in Riverside County. There are tremendous perks when it comes to lifestyle. You can’t miss the gorgeous landscape, and you won’t want to miss out on year around outdoor activities. Since Riverside County is within driving distance of Los Angeles, you can take advantage of the mountains, desert and beach. Adults and children alike can enjoy backpacking and day hiking, off-road drives, camping, bouldering and rock climbing.

If you have kids or if you love theme parks, you will appreciate the many nearby attractions. You can easily take a day trip to the famous Disneyland®, Los Angeles Zoo, or the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. If you’re looking for some rest and relaxation, then you can plan a getaway to Palm Springs. It’s a popular spot for luxury resorts, spas, and golfing. Or drive south to the picturesque Temecula Valley, Southern California’s very own wine country. There are over forty premium wineries to choose from for wine tasting and a delicious meal to follow.

SoCal VA Homes Can Help

At SoCal VA Homes, we recognize that Veterans run into unique hurdles when trying to use their VA loan benefits. Sellers are often reluctant to work with buyers using VA loans instead of traditional ones, and this can be a very frustrating thing. Challenges unique to Veterans trying to purchase a house can prevent you from settling into a new home sooner rather than later. You don’t deserve that after sacrificing and serving your country. That’s why we have developed three programs to help Veterans navigate the process of buying a home, and we are committed to assisting you from start to finish. Read more about our flagship Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process, as well as the VA Construction Financing Program and Veteran’s Angel Program.

Your new home is right around the corner, especially with our help. We guarantee it. Contact SoCal VA Homes for more information! Call (949) 268-7742 or email


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