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“We Overcome Any of Your Home Buying Challenges
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To Transform Your Home Buying Experience and Result”

This page describes Program #3, our tactical “triple threat”…a secret weapon to get your VA offer accepted…our Veterans Angel Program, but first you need to know the facts:

Whether you’re keenly aware of your local real estate market conditions and how to best utilize your VA home loan benefit, or you are just beginning, this is for you.  Reading this…discovering this may be a huge win for you and your family.  Disregarding all this could result in a failure altogether in your home buying efforts.

It’s a fact that trying to buy a house using your VA loan in ANY market presents UNIQUE HURDLES.  Be prepared to confront and somehow overcome The SELLER’s bias against you:

With Multiple Offers, Sellers Are Hesitant to Accept Your VA Offer Because…

  • Sellers prefer the “substance” and speed to close of an all-cash offer – no appraisals or financing to obstruct the closing. They prefer a thick &juicy conventional offer vs. a VA buyer with no “skin in the game.” VA zero down and closing costs negotiated to zero represent a limited commitment in the seller’s eyes.
  • Sellers prefer the strong commitment of LARGE earnest money (Good Faith) escrow deposits from all-cash buyers and juicy conventional offers. VA buyers tend to offer slim earnest money deposits to escrow – smaller commitment.
  • Sellers are resistant to the longer escrow terms typically written into a VA purchase contract vs. the alternative quick-close escrows of an all-cash buyer or the more rapid escrows common to conventional buyers.
  • Sellers don’t like the “VA non-allowable” closing costs that must either be paid for by the lender or paid for by the seller, thereby increasing the seller’s closing costs.
  • Sellers don’t care for the stringent inspection standards required and conservative valuation results produced by the VA appraisers. This is in contrast to no appraisal required from an all-cash buyer or a different type of appraisal (not VA approved) produced for a conventional buyer.

The Seller has power to reject you…to make you feel inadequate and unworthy.  That’s an injustice to you and everyone else who chose to serve.  Now you just want a place to call home…a home where you and your family can grow…a home that makes you feel complete.

To achieve results when making VA offers to buy a home, you need to overcome The Seller’s resistance and get The Seller to say YES.  You need an effective strategy with tactics that deliver results.  I had a BIG idea one day in 2011…which became Program # 1 - The Dreamweaver Home Purchase ProcessTM   day.  Later, in 2013, I developed the 3 tactics which became our Veterans Angel Program.

Please allow me to introduce myself.  Hi!  I’m Peter Van Brady, and I’m deeply DRIVEN and perpetually frustrated by these market forces stacked against you. Our men and women who CHOSE to serve deserve more…YOU deserve better.

In an effort to document much of what I have learned and make it available to you, I spent three and ½ years of evenings and weekends away from my wife Nancy and my three kids to write this book: Avoiding Mistakes & CRUSHING Your Deals Using Your VA Loan is Amazon’s #1 book on helping Veterans buy, sell & refinance their homes using their VA loan.

Since 1992, I’ve committed more than half of my real estate and lending career to exclusively solving problems for active military and Veterans.  Lots of my Veteran clients have been excited to tell their personal stories on their video reviews on this website.

Also, on our reviews page on this web site, you’ll discover a unique tool that displays a small list of just some of our VA clients:  It’s a map of California showing 417 names, loan amounts, addresses and the transaction closing dates, which are all of public record.  Take a look!  Do you know someone on this map!

More about our happy clients later…

pete with book

Three Tactics (and Trade Secrets too) Give You a Tremendous Strategic Advantage in the Home Buying Process


We begin with showing you The PlanThe Plan is a 3-step process which starts right here and now and finishes with you getting your keys to your new home.  Steps #1 and #2 of The Plan outline in detail your VA loan Pre-Approval process and your one-on-one consultation with Peter or one of our Sr. Client Program Specialists.  During that appointment, you will discover some of our trade secrets and find out about the “working parts” of all of our programs…more on The Plan later…

We can’t begin to celebrate unless we get your VA offer to the top of the stack and convince the Sellers that they're making the right choice when they accept your purchase offer.

The first thing we do before presenting your VA offer on your behalf is to call... not email, not text... but call the agent and make sure they will even consider a VA buyer. We don't want to waste your time and get your hopes up if there's no chance for success.

Once we've determined the Seller is open to considering an offer from a Veteran or Military Family, our tactics get deployed one, two, THREE...

Tactic # 1: Make it Ridiculously Easy for the Agent

In a competitive market, the Seller's may receive dozens of offers. Considering the Residential Purchase Agreement in California is more than 10 pages long, this means the Agentmay have to wade through sometimes hundreds of pages. Granted, the most important information...the price and included in the first three pages. But the Agent must still read through all of it to properly represent the client and begin narrowing down the offers.  It can be a lot of labor hours.

The first tactical advantage we deploy is to reduce your offer to a simple cover letter with the price, terms and conditions clearly laid out in bullet point structure.

The Agent can then quickly and easily view the terms of your offer without having to dig through three to ten pages pages of the contract.

It sounds simple, but having bought and sold over 1000 homes through SARTRE, our real estate investment co., you would be shocked at the junk that makes it through to the Agent – lots garbage to wade through!  This simple strategy has proven to be very successful in moving our offers towards the top of the stack.

Tactic # 2: Connect With the Sellers on a Personal Level, Developing Empathy for Our Buyer’s Story as a Servicemember

Our most powerful tactic may be the Client Relationship Letter, which serves four separate purposes. Again, this is where our passion for helping Veterans and Military Families shines. You're not just another "deal" to us. We get to know you on a personal level. We take that knowledge and leverage it for your benefit, as you’ll see next…

Included in our offer package is a specially written and designed letter, the Client Relationship Letter that states our expertise in serving Veterans and active military and more importantly positions you as real people, servicemen with a story...not just numbers on a contract.

#1: We mention our Dreamweaver Program and explain our expertise in working exclusively with VA buyers. We want the Sellers and their agents to know that this is ALL WE DO.  When the listing agent and seller accepts your offer, they will do it with the confidence knowing that we can execute and deliver the expected results – a successful closing.

#2: We then stress your qualifications as borrowers.  We dispel the old myth that VA borrowers may not be as qualified as conventional borrowers.

#3: We develop compassion…we elicit EMPATHY for your story as servicemen and your desire to be home owners, just like any other American – but you deserve more consideration BECAUSE you served.  If allowed by you, we present family photos and outline your military career including photos, timelines and combat experience when appropriate.

We want the Sellers (and their Agent) to know about and appreciate the sacrifices you've made for our country... their country.  THIS IS POWERFUL…it’s much harder for a Seller to say NO to your Client Relationship Letter. Contrasted to a typical pre-approval letter from a bank…it’s night & day…like a bright sunshine!

#4: Finally, we again stress the fact that your qualifications to buy their home are rock solid. We explain our commitment to helping Veterans and remind the reader of our Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process.  In that Program we buy the home for cash on your behalf!  Then we renovate it to your specifications, and using your VA loan, you buy it from us.  If we have that much faith in your loan qualifications, they should easily share our confidence!

A One Page Letter Delivers Powerful Results (When it’s Written From Us!)

Don't under estimate the power of this tactic. We've witnessed great results and we're confident we can do the same for you. Some Sellers have been so moved by ourClient Relationship Letter that they’verequested to meet our clients in person and express their gratitude for their service. 

Now, instead of being rejected because you're a VA buyer or simply ignored, your offer has taken a quantum leap towards serious consideration…you’re in the game…

I challenge you to scour the marketplace and find a company that is positioned to “do what we do,” write these types of letters and deliver these kinds of results!  We often get a significant amount of “Street Cred” (credibility the precedes us) just because we “do what we do” – our commitment to serving this community.

The first two steps in our strategy may sound simple... but they're certainly not easy. Very few lenders, if any, will take the time to get to know their clients on such a deep personal level that they can write a heartfelt letter... a letter that really gets the attention of the Sellers... an emotional letter that tugs at the heartstrings and puts honor, pride and commitment before dollars and cents.

Creating our Client Relationship Letters letter for you that deliver impact requires a different level of dedication, concern and passion. 

Now for the heavy artillery!

Tactic #3: The Most Powerful Weapon in Our Angel’s Arsenal

We can reveal the first two steps in our Veteran’s Angel Program because, quite frankly, most of our competition can't or won't copy us.  It requires and extra level of dedication that they are not willing to commit to.  You can't fake it when working with this community, it’s too obvious.  And what we do is hard to replicate.  Once you meet with our team you'll quickly see that we're the real deal. 

That said, the final tactic in our Veteran’s Angel Program is so unheard of and so powerful we can't disclose it to the public.Deploying this third tactic effectively gives you an unfair advantage as a VA home buyer.  You start HERE…(a little lower in the stack)…and you finish HERE…(much higher in the stack!)  This tactic provides your VA offer significantly more substance and GRAVITY in the Sellers view, than if we omitted this tactic.  The tactic is “stealth-like” and it works.

If we publicly described what we do here and HOW we do it, the information would slowly make it way into the marketplace.  If that were to happen, it would slowly deplete the effectiveness that tactic produces, and future clients of ours would not receive the same benefit that you receive now.

We can’t afford that. 

We want all of our clients to be able to use the Veteran’s Angel Program and ALL of its tactics…to their MAXIMUM effect for years to come.

When you get a copy of  The Plan, and you become an approved client, we are more than happy to share all of our trade secrets with you…older secrets and recent secrets!

Again, we challenge you to find a company better positioned and more committed than we are to help Veterans and military families get the home you want and deserve.

I challenge you right now to take the first small step now to begin your journey to getting the home you really want. Request a copy of The Plan to “Get The Seller to Say Yes” now.

At no cost to you, here’s what you will receive in The Plan:

  • Our simple and easy 3 step process: Start by receiving The Plan today and finishing by Getting the Seller to Say Yes and moving into the home you really want!
  • Our SoCalVAHomes Value Guarantees – Our Core Values & ironclad promises to you!
  • Your “Needs & Wants Wish List”: We’re listening…tell us EXACTLY what you need & want in your new home – everything!
  • VA Home Buyer’s document checklist: These are the items you’ll need to share with us to achieve your VA Loan Pre-Approval!
  • A “one-on-one” phone (or in person) consultation: An in-depth education about how we use the strategies, tactics & trade secrets of The Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process and The Veteran’s Angel Program to transform your home buying experience and result.
  • Top 5 Mistakes VA Home Buyers Make – Quickly and Easily Take Action Steps to Get Well-Prepared! Don’t just survive the home buying process using your VA loan…Crush it!  THRIVE!
  • Copy of Amazon’s #1 VA Book: Avoiding Mistakes & CRUSHING Your Deals Using Your VA Loan – a $25 Value.

Or call one of our Client Service Specialists now to begin the conversation with us and get a your copy of The Plan(949) 268-7742

If you’re just beginning to explore future plans to buy a home…that’s OK.  Take the first “baby step” now and get our most valuable“early preparation”education & training guides in one easy request!

  • Top 5 Mistakes VA Home Buyers Make – Quickly and Easily Take Action Steps to Get Well Prepared! Don’t just survive the home buying process using your VA loan…Crush it!  THRIVE!
  • Copy of Amazon’s #1 VA Book: Avoiding Mistakes & CRUSHING Your Deals Using Your VA Loan – a $25 Value.
  • Ongoing email education, market updates & more tips!

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