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Since 1992, Peter Van Brady and his team have personally reached out to thousands of active military and Veteran Families.

We’ve significantly financially supported The Semper Fi Fund, Support The Enlisted Project, Park Semper Fi in Orange County, The Coast Guard Foundation, The Veteran’s Business Network of Southern California, The Military Spouse Association of Camp Pendleton and take every opportunity to be actively involved in the community.

One-by-one we have helped fireman, policeman, California Highway Patrolmen, EMTs, nurses, pastors, single parents, businessmen, teachers, doctors, active Marines, active Airmen, active Sailors, active Army, Coast Guard, National Guard, Reservists…and even N.O.A.A members…

We’ve helped those in all branches of the military and all walks of now civilian life – all kinds of hard-working people like you buy homes and fix their finances and mortgage payments. We will get busy right away to help you too!

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U.S. Army Veteran Vince Green and Erica Green, Riverside CA

The Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process TM

  • Breakthrough program specifically for VA buyers
  • Fully custom renovated home
  • Exactly how you want it
  • Remodeled to your specifications
  • Within your budget
  • Using your VA home loan benefit
  • Zero down and zero closing cost

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U.S.A.F. Veteran Brandon & Becka Brooks, Mentone, CA

The Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process

  • Highly competitive market with unique property desires
  • Unhappy with service providers
  • Considered building as an option
  • Discovered our Dreamweaver process online
  • Cash offer: very challenging, but successful negotiations
  • “Semi-D.I.Y.” renovation process – ask us about this one!
  • So Cal VA Homes raving advocate! Meet him at our events!

U.S. Army Veteran Billy Mayberry and Debbie Mayberry, Quartz Hill, CA

Billy chose SoCalVAHomes over Veterans United for his VA loan

SoCalVAHomes prides itself on going the extra distance and delivering for Veterans in every way possible, from funding “just VA purchase loan” to transforming the home buying experience with our breakthrough programs. “I served my country. I’m a service disabled Veteran. I don’t know WHY they couldn’t give me a better deal. Peter, you saved me…” – Billy Mayberry

U.S.M.C. SSgt. Mathew Rinehart

“One Stop” services for home search and VA home loan

“You are a man of his word and simply an amazing individual. Pete from the bottom of my heart thanks for all your hard work and dedication in helping the veterans take advantage of this amazing system. You are truly the best.” U.S.M.C. SSgt. Matt Rinehart

(Devil Dog) Luis Navas and Julianna Navas, Fontanna, CA

Traditional home purchase with VA home loan

  • Contacted So Cal VA Homes
  • Were already working with another company
  • Weren’t getting what they needed
  • Submitted their package online
  • “One Stop” for all real estate and lending service
  • So Cal VA Homes raving fans!
  • So Cal VA Homes was invited to their wedding 🙂

U.S.M.C. Veteran Johnny and Courtney Higgenbotham, Eastvale CA

Traditional Home Purchase

“Hi I’m Johnny. And I’m Courtney. And we recently relocated to Southern California in 2015. I was a marine stationed out here in Camp Pendleton, and we met back in 2002. We met Pete Van Brady through a mutual friend of ours, who served in the Air Force and recommended So Cal VA Homes. It wasn’t an easy transaction. It was a very complicated loan process, and we ran into a lot of issues, but every single one of the got worked out. At the end of the day, we got our home, and we love it. It is beautiful, and we have a happy family in that home. If it wasn’t for So Cal VA Homes, I don’t think that the loan would have went through honestly. We weren’t sure about where we were going to live, and Pete and his team directed us toward Eastvale. They showed us all around. We had never been out there before. We absolutely loved it. We have little children so the wonderful school systems, the parks, the community team sports were just right up our alley. And they found us a fantastic single-story home, which we were looking for with a nice yard for our dog. They found us exactly what we wanted. At the end of the day, we have our home, and a family, and a really nice place to live. So I’d highly recommend So Cal VA Homes. They will work for you, and they will make it happen.”

Sgt. Will Bauer (U.S.M.C.), Foothill Ranch, CA

So Cal VA Homes sold condo and bought new home with VA loan

“He put in every ounce of leg work you could possibly think of from taking pictures, throwing out Facebook ads, having open-houses, to having insane follow through with every client that went through. They sold my house almost at the same time of my purchase of my current home. Both transactions ended almost exactly at the same time, which was amazing. I’d absolutely recommend Southern California VA Homes to all active military, veterans, civilians, and military supporters. The amount of care and the personal ownership that Brandon and Peter take in their projects and their clientele is superb. I honestly couldn’t recommend them higher.”

Travis Edwards (MSgt. U.S.M.C Ret.), San Clemente, CA

So Cal VA Homes Refinance (then purchase & refi)

“Hello, my name is Travis Edwards. I’m here in San Clemente, California. My wife and I found So Cal VA Homes on Facebook. We refinanced our home. We saved a bunch of money, and we are still saving a lot of money every month because of So Cal VA Homes. I ended up referring them to a couple friends, who have had a great experience with So Cal VA Homes. I would recommend them again to anybody who is looking for a home or looking to refinance or looking to do anything with a real-estate situation. Thank you.”

U.S. Navy Veteran Brian Doudera and Lisa Doudera, Imperial Beach, CA

The very first Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process with 80′ TV!

“We dreamed about buying a house and with the economy and with everything the way it was going I didn’t think we would every get an opportunity to buy a house. I didn’t think we would either, so I was really shocked when we found you guys. About a year ago or there about, I got a flier in the mail. It was your flier. I was like, wow this cant be real. So I looked on the internet, and I started looking at it, and started doing more homework, and then I made a phone call. Then it started to turn into a real idea that we could be homeowners. Yeah. I’m a very skeptical person but talking to you guys and by the first time, I just felt like I could trust you. We were like, oh my gosh, someone who can help us, we can actually get a house. And at first I couldn’t believe it, and then it was getting closer and closer to the date we were going to get the keys. I’m like, oh my gosh, it’s real, we’re getting a house, we’re actually getting a house, I was really thrilled about it, I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so excited. I’m just still amazed; I’m just in shock. It’s a dream come true. For a first house, this is an incredible house. I thought he was making it up, I’m like, they’re not going to put an 80 inch TV in there. And then I saw it and I was like, they put an 80 inch TV in there! It’s huge. And it’s yours in your brand new home. This is our TV right here. This is so nice, I cant imagine wanting something else after this.”

Retired Army Recruiter Kevin Michel, Fallbrook, CA

So Cal VA Homes sold his home & bought new dream home with VA Home Loan

“We started talking to the realtors that we know, and there’s two of them in particular. And they’re hard workers and good realtors, but they’re not specializing in VA Loans. They do them, but they don’t specialize in them. So we called both of them, and they directed us to their finance people, who then started telling us the process of what they wanted us to go through to acquire a VA Loan. And I’ve done one VA Loan already, and I’m just like, no this ain’t it, this ain’t right. So what would you say to our men and women out there that are active or are veterans wanting to use their VA benefit? How important do you think it is for them to use an organization, if there are others like ours that simply work with only VA business and have everything in the tool-box that we have to achieve their goals? Other veterans, if they don’t take advantage of something like this, they are just crazy. Because you will not find, for home-ownership, you will not find a better program than what you guys offer. You just wont find anything better than this. And I’ve already started blasting it on my Facebook a little bit, and I’ll start doing it more because i have a lot of vet. friends. This is a hard process, but you guys have actually made it an easier process than going out and trying to shop the market for a home if you have all the assets and the resources to buy it. To me, this kind of information just needs to be put out there. And i’ll help you, I’ll do it, I’ll blast Facebook, I’ve got a thousand friends.”

U.S.M.C. Veteran Mark Werline, Escondido, CA

“One Stop” services for home search and VA home loan

“Im Mark Werline, I just wanted to take a second to get the word out about “So Cal VA Homes” and let you know what its done for us. My wife and I, Justine, at the Marine Corp, one and two years ago respectively, landed jobs here in the Southern California area and wanted to stay here. We new it was the time in our life to buy a home, but we were petrified of the experience and everything that was ahead of us. My friend, Travis, recommend “So Cal VA Homes” to us. I gave them a call, and they instantly took the fear out home-buying for me. We were able to start our home search, get secured with the loan, and get set-up in our first house in under ninety days, all while I was on a work trip in Guam, which was pretty amazing because that was during the escrow process, which can be an overwhelming process. But they worked with us very diligently, and we are absolutely happy and amazed at their service and what they have done for us. I have and will continue to recommend them, and I’m here to let you know that it’s something you can do too.”

Jeffrey (U.S.A.R.) and Kim (U.S.A.R) Boles, Van Nuys, CA

“One Stop” services for home serch and VA home loan

“Hi, my name is Kimberly Boles. And my name is Jeffery Boles. And I moved on So Cal VA Homes one day actually just browsing Facebook. We were having problems trying to find a home with our previous realtor, and we decided to give Pete and his team a call. They asked for a list of our wants and needs for the house, and we went from there. They gave us a website that we could go to to look at all of the homes that were available in our area, and we browsed there, we went to open houses, and looked to see what was out there. We ended up finding a house that we love. We didn’t go with our dream home concept but we didn’t need to because they were able to find us the home we wanted without any of the special So Cal VA Home touch in it, which is fine. Pete and his team were great. They were very easy to work with. They were always there whenever we emailed or called with any questions or concerns or anything. They were always there to answer our questions. They worked incredibly hard to get us the home that we wanted. I strongly feel that they will be able to do that with any other veteran and their family out there, and we will recommend them to all of our friends and family. Definitely, we want to thank them again for everything they have done for us. Absolutely.”

U.S. Navy Veteran Mark Ariizumi and Richard

So Cal VA Homes Veteran’s Angel Program

“You can tell us your names. Hi, I’m mark and I’m Richard. How did you guys meet us? I actually saw you on Facebook, and then I went onto the website and made a phone call. Can you describe the benefits you received working with us including the Veterans Angel Program? There were two options that we were given. One of them was the Veterans Angel Program that we went with because we ended up finding a beautiful home that was move-in ready. So that was the most beneficial program for us. We really were looking for houses that we wanted to flip and put our own touch into, but this really met all of our expectations. The Veterans Angel program really allowed us to come in and have a worry-free buying process. The secret that Pete talks about is one of the main things that really helped us out that I can’t say what it truly is. But you’ll find out if you go through with it. Would you recommend So Cal VA Homes to your friends and family, and why? I definitely would, everybody from Leslie, Stephanie, Pete, and Brandon did an amazing job helping us out. Brandon really held our hands throughout the whole buying process, was quick to get back to us, and looked at all of our needs, looked at all of the houses that we want, gave us honest answers in everything that we wanted to do. It was a really fun too, when looking for a home, to have someone that will help you out and thats always there. He definitely wasn’t pushy at all. He made home-buying seamless and easy looking through things. Were there any frustrations in buying a house? The market right now is slightly frustrating because you think you are going to find a home but sometimes you might not get the one you want immediately, so that’s kinda frustrating but you have to keep going. You’ll find one eventually for sure. I think one of my biggest frustrations was I didn’t take a home-buying class, so I didn’t know the terminology. I didn’t know what to expect.”

Kevin and U.S.A.F. Veteran Karina Passi, Corona, CA

“Couldn’t have done it without So Cal VA Homes” Veteran’s Angel Program

“I think Mike was stellar at being very attentive with our questions and our phone calls and Peter as well. I was extremely skeptical when Karina brought the benefits of So Cal VA Homes. I asked all the hard questions, and I’m sure Mike and Peter remember some of those questions. You guys were being honest, and you guys were strategic in how we wanted to go about this because our financial situation wasn’t the best at the time. But we were still able to get our dollars-worth working with you. I don’t think this would’ve happened if it was with somebody else. Oh yeah, no way.”

U.S.M.C Veteran Rico Burley, Fallbrook, CA

Veteran’s Angel Program Persistence and Dedication

“So one day I was on Facebook, and I saw an ad and it said that we will help you, veterans, purchase homes. So I was like, okay let me check it out. So I happened to call the number and sent information right away. The agent came out right away, and we did an interview, selected a couple properties, and the gentlemen said we can pay for any home cash on your behalf, and we can do rehab for you as well. So that really enticed me. I think it was around May 17th, we were supposed to close around May 20th, May 17th we got a notice of a default on the project, three days before the property was going to close. So at that point it was really deflating, but Peter and his crew worked out a deal for me to go ahead and acquire the property, move in, and the bank okayed it. During this whole time, even when I would get frustrated, Peter and his crew they would step in, and they would say, hey you know what, it’s okay, we’re going to make the transaction happen, and in the end it did occur. So I’m really happy about that. Again, they were some of the most professional and always with timely communication as well. Again this transaction, there was a lot to it. And it shows, and it says a lot of their caliber and expertise and knowledge of how they went about to actually acquire the property on my behalf. There is a lot of other good things that I can say about them and one in particular—just making things happen. There was certain issues that happened, and right away the agent came out, and he rectified it. Without any hesitation, he came out and handled the situation. He even did a couple petitions on my behalf. So, again, they are a very professional group and I thank them.”

U.S.M.C. Veteran Gerber Garcia dnd Missy Garcia, Anaheim, CA

“One Stop” service for property search and VA home loan

“Hi, my name’s Gerber Garcia, and this is my Missy Garcia. Peter Van Brady just made everything so simple, and easy, and he’s that type of person that you can talk to and he will explain everything. That was one of the things that really gave us a real good comfort level with the company. It took a little bit of time to find the perfect home, but throughout the whole process, they truly did keep in touch with us. They gave us updates, and just really made us comfortable in the whole process, and tried to make it as easy as possible.”

U.S. Navy Veteran Jesse Garza and Tracy Garza, San Diego, CA

So Cal VA Homes Refinance

“Hey, it’s Justin Garza here, and this is my wife Tracy. We just wanted to talk about our experience with Peter Van Brady and “So Cal VA Home Loans.” We just recently completed a “VA Streamline Refi.” So we are very pleased right now. We definitely appreciate the work that Peter Van Brady and his team did on this—very attentive, very receptive to our needs, very responsive to anytime we needed to speak with him or needed questions answered. So we definitely appreciate what you’ve done for us and your team has done for us. Peter will start out as just your point of contact and then end up as your friend. He’s family oriented, detail oriented, personable, and just a great personality. He’s looking out for your best interests, and we definitely have felt that all along the way.”

Veteran Henry Diaz, La Habra, CA

A Special Thanks for multiple VA refinance loans

“Peter, thank you for your help, for being there day and night whenever I wanted you. I would recommend the whole world to you, and if I have to do business again, I would do it with you, my friend. Thank you very very much from the bottom of my heart.”

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