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The Story Behind So Cal VA Homes

How Can I and Why Would I Offer You a Fully Custom Renovated Home for
Zero Down and Zero Closing?

It sounds too good to be true, I know...

Are you already in the market and making offers? It’s more than challenging, huh? Would you prefer to skip the story?

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Ours is a great story and certainly valuable to you. My name is Peter Van Brady. I’m at least five decades young, father of three, an industry veteran, and I’m going to quickly tell you how “we got here” so… go ahead… read on!

As many new and revolutionary concepts do… So Cal VA Homes began as an idea. It literally just came to me one morning while I was running, instantly stopping me dead in my tracks… it was remarkable… that moment was almost like getting woken up from a light sleep by a very SHARP earthquake with a bright 200 watt light bulb right next to the bed! “I got it… I GOT IT… WHOA!” I said to myself – no kidding…

In my twenty five years of “being a student of business” I had always learned that SYNERGY resulted by putting things (or companies) together to make an end result better. It’s a two plus two equals five concept, so to speak. I have two companies, and the BIG idea was the third company…

In the spring of 2011, in just two and ½ years, our real estate investment company SARTRE, LLC had bought and sold over 925 homes and bought apartments all over the country, with a concentration in South Florida. We really wanted to re-focus our business locally in Southern California, but I didn’t have any good answer as to how to do that. Florida and other markets were more favorable for real estate investing. I didn’t like apartments in California, and I didn’t like the prospects of a traditional “foreclosure flip” in a tightening residential market here at home.

A Long History Working With Active and Retired Military

My mortgage company One Touch Lending, has been working with active and retired military, “VA clients” since after 9-11. Why I began to work with Veterans back then is a longer story (and on my mortgage company’s website).

As a result of much lower home prices and dropping interest rates in 2011, my mortgage business was refinancing large volumes of newly minted VA loans. By this time we had around six hundred new clients and prospective new clients who had recently bought their homes since prices had dropped after the real estate meltdown in 2008. I had personally spoken to each and every one of them at some point, and I kept noticing something that really bothered me.

I Recognized the Unfortunate “VA Disadvantage”.

It was very common that these homeowners were not entirely satisfied with the home they had purchased. It was typical for lots of our clients to have run up their credit card balances and taken out installment loans to try and do home improvements on their newly purchased homes. This was obvious on all their credit reports as we refinanced hundreds of clients from 6.00% down to 3.25%.

Touch choices when buying a home

Talking to more and more of our clients, it was pretty clear that when most purchased their home, they were making some tough choices. They were ultimately at the mercy of “what they could get” vs. what they really wanted. They were often making a long list of “concessions” regarding both the quality and location of their house, just to become homeowners. They were obviously at a disadvantage

And this fate is really just a story of the “VA benefit” meeting the marketplace. It’s understandable. A buyer who is “able to buy” without any money (using your VA) will buy what you can, then work on what you’ve got. The sellers in the market certainly do not favor VA buyers – just the opposite. They favor cash buyers. A “VA buyer” is traditionally the slowest, most constrictive, most expensive transaction to the seller and the riskiest offer to accept with the worst odds of closing.

So my observations about what VA buyers were achieving in the marketplace made perfect sense. If all the odds are stacked against our buyers, why would the results be any different than second-rate?

Back to the real estate investment company… All the offers we were making on California homes back in 2011 were cash offers. And our stiffest competition is from cash offers from other investors. And then it hit me! Here comes the BIG IDEA...

We Buy Homes for Cash, Customize and Sell to You for Small Profits

A traditional home “flip” consists of attempting to compete in a bidding war with other investors for a property that an investor can add value to and sell at a profit.

After a “successful” purchase, the home would then typically be renovated, upgrading it to premium quality. The better the quality of the finish, the more likely it is that a property will sell at top dollar.

Because of the time to buy and hold a property, costs to renovate it, costs to list it, sell it and ALL the substantial selling costs, investors who “flip” homes require the potential for large profits of 15% – 25% or more to offset the risk. Occasionally, we have lost money and often earned less than our projections. It’s a risky business… you see it on TV!

But investing to “Add Value” to real estate is as old as the U.S. Constitution.

What if I could minimize that risk, accept a lower return for lower risk & GIVE MY BUYER NEARLY EVERYTHING THEY WANT? What if I could purchase the home, knowing I already had a buyer who wanted that “Value Add” and would buy it from me? I would eliminate huge real estate sales commissions. And what if I could actually give you some control and choices regarding the finish that you want? I could make the “Value Added” custom to you!

What if I could offer a fully CUSTOM renovated home to the most under-served and “powerless” buyers in the market – my buyers… my clientele… YOU!

What if I could actually buy the home that YOU want for cash, renovate it the way you want it finished and sell it to you for Zero Down and Zero closing costs?


Naturally, I thought the idea was brilliant. And especially because our real estate brokerage and our mortgage company would be providing valuable services and earn income too, I thought the SYNERGY was very, VERY powerful – truly a WIN, WIN scenario. Ideas like this one: multiple company income sources matched with an exceptional client experience and an extraordinary product… ideas like this are a rarity… few and far between!

But was the idea realistic? Would the demand be there? I knew “VA buyers” were in the market in numbers. So I did some homework. We surveyed over 600 in our database, and we asked them some simple questions.
Nearly all who replied said they had the help of an agent when buying.

100% OF OUR CLIENTS SAID THEY WOULD PREFER TO HAVE MORE CONTROL over the final finish of the home, and they clearly understood the value of us making cash offer on their behalf – in every way!

Company Launch Preparations

I knew I had a winner! After the survey response, my work was cut out for me. As you might imagine, it takes a tremendous amount of cash to build a business in this manner. I had to convince a group of my investors on the idea. They had to accept lower returns for lower risk. Ultimately they agreed, and they were enthusiastic about helping those who served.

Then I got approval from my primary VA lending sources, because this is an UNUSUAL process. Like I said, this ISN’T the way a typical VA transaction works. It’s way better!

Brian and Lisa Doudera
Zero Down and Zero Closing

Here’s How the Government Protects You

By the way, we can’t sell you the home for a price more than the value established by an independent VA approved appraiser, who appraises every transaction. The Government protects all VA buyers in this manner, so you don’t pay too much for a home. So the final purchase price and therefore the value we add to the home is confirmed by an independent VA approved appraiser.

When the appraisal is completed, the lender reviews the appraisal and sends you a “Notice of Value” – a second opinion often demonstrating instant home equity that you receive in your new home! Watch the video of the Dudera transaction in Imperial Beach. We sold them the home for $330,000 and the Notice of Value was established at $350,000. They got $20,000 in EQUITY and a $5,000, 80” Sharp flat screen TV on the wall! (not to mention ALL new stainless steel appliances). That transaction was soooo fun!

A New Company Was Launched

Well, our next step was to launch the new website… I know… it’s not perfect… Then we began announcing the new company and its value proposition to our hundreds of clients. And the message began to spread from there…

The response to our message is almost always “WOW!” We introduce our revolutionary new home buying concept to current “VA homeowners,” hoping for referrals. Every new “VA refinance” client that comes to my mortgage company for help gets to hear about So Cal VA Homes.

It doesn’t take long for a “VA homeowner” who has already bought a home the traditional, old way to see the value of what we offer. When we have this conversation with a current “VA homeowner” who wants to refinance, we almost always get this response, “WHERE WERE YOU GUYS WHEN I BOUGHT MY HOME?!” I know, right… we hear that all week long!

“What if you don't need a Fully Custom Renovated Home?”
The Birth of The Veteran’s Angel Program…
3 Tactical Master Achievements

What if we find a home that doesn’t need renovating? What if we find something that’s already perfect as is?” Why would we renovate a property that doesn’t need improvements? This situation happens frequently…

In this circumstance, again we play the real estate game very differently – and we play to WIN. On your behalf, we deploy our Stealth Strategy… The So Cal VA Homes Secret Weapon! The VETERAN’S ANGEL PROGRAM.

This WEAPON is simply UNHEARD OF in the real estate business... because WE developed it! It's so unusual… so POTENT and so devastating to your market competition… that when you fully comprehend its operation and its IMPACT you won't believe it's even possible.

You’ll clearly understand why I CAN’T DISCUSS ALL THE DETAILS HERE. One element of The Veteran’s Angel Program’s effectiveness relies on its approach – its stealth attack. The strength, superiority and mass of The Veteran’s Angel Program is centered upon THREE DISTINCT & PROVEN tactical advantages. This program has a proven track record of getting VA buyers the homes they want, which are listed on the market!

That’s ALL we can tell you online. It’s very tactical… it’s STEALTH… and it works.

And when you qualify to work with us, we’re certainly willing to share our Secrets with you and further explain The Veteran’s Angel Program… but in the strictest of confidence… privately.

Truth is… we get really excited about all this. We LOVE seeing YOU in the HOME you want!

Our Revolutionary Methods are Only Available Here

You might think that I’m worried about competition, considering I’ve pretty much given away what I consider to be my most brilliant idea. Nope. It is a tremendous challenge and responsibility to recruit and manage millions in investor capital.

It is equally challenging to invite buyers into your property and allow you some control over renovations. And as anyone who’s been in this business over two decades like me will tell you, “Real estate and lending isn’t for everyone. It’s a tough, thankless business!”
There are just too many moving parts, too much risk and a long list of competencies required to easily duplicate what we are doing for our community. We don’t think anyone is crazy enough to even try! And without the heartfelt compassion for those who serve, it’s not even worth considering.

We’re a growing company, serving just L.A., Riverside, Orange and San Diego counties. As we continue to stay focused on delivering extraordinary results one client at a time, we’re certain we will transform the way active and retired military clients buy homes in the marketplace.

We are here to serve YOU. Thanks for your service to us.

Thanks for your service to us.

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