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“You chose to serve. At some level, you took risks…maybe some big risks…and significant sacrifices. Now you simply want a place to call home for you and your family. And what I just can’t stand is that real estate market forces frequently oppose you and your desires. Cash and conventional home buyers get preferred treatment over VA. It’s unjust. It’s discrimination…it’s almost shameful…and it’s real.”

“Changing all that…turning the tables for each and every one of our clients…is what drives me. My team exists for you. I’ll take extra risks for you because you took risks for us. I challenge you to get to know us…find out for yourself that we’re the real deal…that our heart is in it.” - Peter

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Ask about our Dreamweaver D.I.Y.
Usually WE do all the renovation work, but not with Lewis!

Take the first small step now to begin your journey to home ownership. Request a copy of The Plan to “Get The Seller to Say Yes” and get the home you really want.
At no cost to you, here’s what you will receive in The Plan:
  • Our simple and easy 3 step process to start today and finish with Getting the Seller to Say Yes and moving in to the home you really want!
  • Our So Cal VA Homes Value Guarantee – Our Core Values & ironclad promises to you!
  • Your “Needs & Wants” Survey: We’re listening…tell us what EXACTLY what you need & want in your new home – everything!
  • Home Buyer’s document checklist: There are the items you’ll need to share with us to achieve your VA Loan Pre-Approval!
  • A “one-on-one” phone (or in person) consultation: An in depth education about how we use the strategies, tactics & trade secrets of The Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process and The Veteran’s Angel Program to transform your home buying experience and result.
  • Top 5 Mistakes VA Home Buyers Make – Quickly and Easily Take Action Steps to Get Well Prepared! Don’t just survive the home buying process using your VA loan…Crush it! THRIVE!
  • Copy of Amazon’s #1 VA Book: Avoiding Mistakes & CRUSHING Your Deals Using Your VA Loan – a $25 Value.
If you are very determined to buy a piece of land and build a home…get ready…be prepared! This is difficult to do in So Cal…it’s a tall mountain to climb! You’ll want to learn everything about our 100% VA Construction Loan.

Putting the thought of building a home aside…

…if you don’t know a darn thing about using your VA home loan benefit…OR…maybe you’re the type with a firm grasp on that process and a keen understanding of real estate market conditions…

…either way, we have a program for you. It’s not necessary to choose the program just yet! Yes, The Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process is breakthrough…and yet, the Veterans Angel Program can be equally effective. Begin the conversation with us by simply allowing us to listen carefully to what you want…that’s where we begin…
If you’re just beginning to explore future plans to buy a home…that’s OK. Take the first “baby step” now and get our most valuable early preparation, education & training guides in one easy request!
  • Top 5 Mistakes VA Home Buyers Make – Quickly and Easily Take Action Steps to Get Well Prepared! Don’t just survive the home buying process using your VA loan…Crush it! THRIVE!
  • Copy of Amazon’s #1 VA Book: Avoiding Mistakes & CRUSHING Your Deals Using Your VA Loan – a $25 Value.
  • Ongoing email education, market updates & more tips!
  • Are you frustrated because all the homes you really love are getting snatched up by conventional and cash buyers?
  • Are you finding homes you like but they need to be updated?
  • Would you like a custom renovated home using your VA loan with zero down and zero closing costs?

Start by learning more about how you can buy a fully custom renovated home with Zero Down and Zero Out of Pocket Closing Costs. Our Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process may be the right program for you.

  • Have you given up on finding the home of your dreams and just want to buy a lot and build a new home?
  • Have you been looking for a VA Construction Loan Lender and unable to find someone who can actually deliver?
  • Are you ready to build a new home using your VA benefits?

Start by learning more about our 100% VA Construction Loans... we're one of the only companies who offer 100% construction loans for VA borrowers.
Zero Down and Zero Out of Pocket Closing Costs

  • Are you a VA Home Buyer frustrated with the competitive home purchase process?
  • Are you losing the homes you really want because the Sellers are getting multiple offers?
  • Do you feel you're at a disadvantage because you're using your VA home loan benefits?

Start by reading about our Veteran's Angel Program. This is our innovative and unique program specifically designed to give VA Home Buyers a distinct advantage in competitive markets and help get your offer accepted.

Dreamweaver Home
Purchase Process

Zero down & zero out of pocket closing costs on a fully custom renovated home

Finding a home that is updated and meets all your needs can be difficult. How would you like a FULLY CUSTOM RENOVATED HOME for ZERO down and ZERO out of pocket closing costs?

We don't know of any other company that offers a similar program. We help you find a home that suits your needs but requires renovation. Then WE buy the home for cash, renovate it and transfer (sell) the home to you using your VA benefits.

It may sound too good to be true, but we really can make your dream a reality.

VA Construction

100% VA loan for purchasing a lot and building your dream home

Finding the right home in a competitive "Seller's" market can be extremely frustrating and difficult, especially for Veteran home buyers.

Many people give up on finding an existing home and view new construction as a viable alternative. However, for VA borrowers, this can be a challenge. Not many lenders will provide construction financing for VA home buyers.

It really is possible to use your VA benefits to buy land and build the new home of your dreams.
Let us show you how.

Veteran’s Angel

3 stealth-like tactical advantages for
VA Home Buyers

Unfortunately, VA buyers are often at a disadvantage in competitive markets. Many real estate agents and Sellers have misconceptions about working with Veterans. They tend to choose conventional buyers over working with Veterans.

We understand these challenges and have developed a process to turn the tide in your favor.

Our Veteran's Angel Program deploys three tactical advantages which have proven to increase the probability of successfully negotiating a purchase contract when making a typical “VA offer.”

Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process

Fully Custom Renovated Home Using Your VA Benefits
Zero Down and Zero Out of Pocket Closing Costs

  • Unique program for VA buyers
  • Fully custom renovated home
  • Exactly how you want it
  • Remodeled to your specifications
  • Within your budget
  • Use your VA benefits
  • Zero down and zero closing costs

Or you may call one of our Client Services Specialists today to begin your journey with us to getting the home you really want.

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