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Easier, Better Ways to Buy…For Those Who Serve…
“We Overcome Any of Your Home Buying Challenges Using 3 Breakthrough Programs To Transform Your Home Buying Experience and Result”

This page describes our Program # 1, our FLAGSHIP PROGRAM…The Dreamweaver Home Purchase ProcessTM.

But first, whether you’rehighly tuned into your local real estate market conditions and how to optimizethe uses of your VA home loan, or you are just starting your journey,reading this will be a benefit to you. Discovering our Dreamweaver Home Purchase ProcessTM may be a big win for you and your family. Dismissing all this could result in the difference between failure or success in your home buying mission.
The facts are:when buying a house using your VA loan in ANY community with ANY type of real estate market conditions, you will be presentedwith UNIQUE HURDLES. You must be prepared to confront and somehow overcome The SELLER’s bias against you:

With Multiple Offers, Sellers Are Reluctant to Accept Your VA Offer Because…

  • Sellers prefer the “significance” and rapid pace to close of an all-cash offer – no appraisals or financing to stop the closing. Sellers will opt for a beefy conventional offer vs. a VA buyer with no “skin in the game.” VA zero down and zero closing costs present a limited commitment in the seller’s eyes.
  • Sellers love the powerful commitment of LARGE earnest money (Good Faith) escrow deposits from all-cash buyers and beefy conventional buyers. VA buyers frequently offer minimalGood Faith deposits to escrow – a less significant commitment.
  • Sellers reject the longer escrow terms often written into a VA purchase contract vs. the quick-close escrows of an all-cash buyer or the often faster paced escrows more commonly seen with conventional buyers.
  • Sellers don’t like to pay the “VA non-allowable” closing costs. These are costs that the Veteran cannot pay. These costs must be borne by the seller or an agent or the lender.
  • Sellers a resistant to the firm inspection levels required and conservative valuation results delivered by the VA appraisers. With an all-cash buyer – no appraisal.  With a conventional buyer, slightly less constrictive property conditions exist and conventional appraisals are held to more flexible standards.

The Seller has power to reject you…to make you feel inadequate and unworthy.  That’s an injustice to you and everyone else who chose to serve.  Now you just want a place to call home…a home where you and your family can grow…a home that makes you feel complete.

To achieve results when making VA offers to buy a home, you need to overcome The Seller’s resistance and get The Seller to say YES.  You need an effective strategy with tactics that deliver results.  I had a BIG idea one day…which became this Program – The Dreamweaver Home Purchase ProcessTM.

Please allow me to introduce myself.  Hi!  I’m Peter Van Brady, and I’m deeply DRIVEN and perpetually frustrated by these market forces stacked against you. Our men and women who CHOSE to serve deserve more…YOU deserve better.

In an effort to document much of what I have learned and make it available to you, I spent three and ½ years of evenings and weekends away from my wife Nancy and my three kids to write this book:Avoiding Mistakes & CRUSHING Your Deals Using Your VA Loanis Amazon’s #1 book on helping Veterans buy, sell & refinance their homes using their VA loan.

pete with book

Since 1992, I’ve committedmore than half of my real estate and lending career to exclusively solving problems for active military and Veterans.  Lots of my Veteran clients have been excited to tell their personal stories on their video reviews on this website.

Also, on our reviews page on this web site, you’ll discover a unique tool that displays a small list of just some of our VA clients:  It’s a map of California showing 417 names, loan amounts, addresses and the transaction closing dates, which are all of public record.  Take a look!  Do you know someone on this map!

The clients who own one of our Dreamweaver Homes have a very special place in my heart.  I live for these transactions…to help these families…

How to Buy a Fully Custom Renovated Home for Zero Down & Zero Out of Pocket Closing Costs Using Your VA Home Loan Benefit

“Pete, you have literally revolutionized the way Veterans can buy homes.”
– GySgt. Lewis Zepeda U.S.M.C. (Ret.) Oceanside, CA

Lewis Zepeda chose to do much of the work on his renovation.  He is a skilled craftsman!With Lewis, the “Dreamweaver D.I.Y.” (Do it Yourself) was born…and the result was a massive success!  We had always done the work on previous homes, as we did here with Vince and Erica Green.

The Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process:

We begin with showing you The Plan.  The Plan is a 3-step process which starts right here and now and finishes with you getting your keys to your new home.  Steps #1 and #2 of The Plan outline in detail your VA loan Pre-Approval process and your one-on-one consultation with Peter or one of our Sr. Client Program Specialists.  During that appointment, you will discover some of our trade secrets and find out about the “working parts” of our programs…more on The Plan later…


After Steps #1 & #2 of The Plan, we’ll help you find a home that presents an ideal opportunity for renovation.IDEALY…this would be a home that is located in a community that is a top choice for you.  Additionally, the home’s current square footage and footprint are appealing to you.  (We prefer not to pull permits and add square footage; that’s construction project which takes far more time.)

The chosen property must represent an opportunity to add value when the renovations are completed.  Fixer-uppers are ideal.  Lastly, imagining the ideal finishes to new, modern lighting, kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, and wall colors should be easy to you, as you envision your new homeupdated and improved.


How do we locate these homes?  Good question?  Our Dreamweaver Home Purchase ProcessTM houses can be discovered from the following sources:

  1. Multiple Listing Service (M.L.S.)
  2. Auctions
  3. For Sale By Owner (F.S.B.O.)
  4. Bank Owned R.E.O (Real Estate already foreclosed and Owned by bank)
  5. Pre-Foreclosure (NOD – Notice of Default)
  6. Wholesale Purchase from other Real Estate Investors (“off market” wholesale)
  7. Bulk Purchase (Acquiring more than one home in a single transaction. Our Investment company SARTRE, LLC specialized in this.)
  8. Direct Acquisition from Seller (“Off market” not MLS listed properties, which are acquired at a discount from highly motivated sellers. We Buy Ugly Houses (.com) is a prime example.

Sometimes we carry housing inventory in our investment portfolio, but that is not ideal for us.  We prefer to lower our investment risks by identifying the property when we know you’ll buy it.  Once we locate this ideal property, we will then make a CASH offer (which sellers prefer), and that CASH offer will dramatically improve the probability of securing a purchase contract and acquiring the home at the desired price.

Yes!  We use our cash for YOUR benefitWe’ll establish a budget and renovate the home to your specifications. Just imagine…you get to choose your new lighting, kitchen cabinets, your countertops, your flooring, your fixtures, your appliances, your paint colors… nearly everything!

Then we transfer (sell) the home to you, using your VA loan, for zero down and zero out of pocket closing costs. Many, many clients before you have been skeptical, thinking this “sounds too good to be true.”

Brandon & Becca Brooks, Mentone, CA

This Sounds Way Too Good to Be True…

I get it…it’s in everyone’s nature to be skeptical, and your military training may have told you to keep your guard UP.  No problem.  We’re an open book…totally transparent…with nothing to hide & no tricks up our sleeves.

Really…if we were trying to deceive Veterans, that would eventually be business suicide, wouldn’t it?  Someone would figure out the scam, and the resulting whiplashwould devastate me, my family and my employees – not a game I want to play.

It’s NOT too good to be true.  You’ve watched the videos and can ask our clients.  Would you like their phone numbers?  No problem.  Don’t you think they are excited to share their stories, given their results?  Damn right they are…call ‘em!

You and your family can also have the same results as Lewis, Vince & Erica, Brandon & Becca and our other happy Dreamweaver clients – the right home for you, they way you want it!  Don’t hesitate.  I challenge you right now to take the first small step now to begin your journey to getting the home you really want. Request a copy of The Plan to “Get The Seller to Say Yes” now.

            At no cost to you, here’s what you will receive in The Plan:

  • Our simple and easy 3 step process: Start by receiving The Plan today and finishing by Getting the Seller to Say Yes and moving into the home you really want!
  • Our SoCalVAHomes Value Guarantees – Our Core Values & ironclad promises to you!
  • Your “Needs & Wants Wish List”: We’re listening…tell us EXACTLY what you need & want in your new home – everything!
  • VA Home Buyer’s document checklist: These are the items you’ll need to share with us to achieve your VA Loan Pre-Approval!
  • A “one-on-one” phone (or in person) consultation: An in-depth education about how we use the strategies, tactics & trade secrets of The Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process and The Veteran’s Angel Program to transform your home buying experience and result.
  • Top 5 Mistakes VA Home Buyers Make – Quickly and Easily Take Action Steps to Get Well-Prepared! Don’t just survive the home buying process using your VA loan…Crush it!  THRIVE!
  • Copy of Amazon’s #1 VA Book: Avoiding Mistakes & CRUSHING Your Deals Using Your VA Loan – a $25 Value.

If you’re just beginning to explore future plans to buy a home…that’s OK.  Take the first “baby step” now and get our most valuable“early preparation”education & training guides in one easy request!

  • Top 5 Mistakes VA Home Buyers Make – Quickly and Easily Take Action Steps to Get Well Prepared! Don’t just survive the home buying process using your VA loan…Crush it!  THRIVE!
  • Copy of Amazon’s #1 VA Book: Avoiding Mistakes & CRUSHING Your Deals Using Your VA Loan – a $25 Value.
  • Ongoing email education, market updates & more tips!

Are you asking yourself…

“Peter, Why Are You Doing This?  Why Would You Take These Risks for Me?  What’s The Catch…?”

This isn’t like Bravo TV or HGTV or Jeff Lewis or these home flipping shows where “house flippers” are speculating trying to make huge profits.  If I was trying to make big profits on Veterans, clients would figure it out, and I would get “eaten alive” by clients and the media!  I would be out of business in a New York minute, having wasted precious moments of my life.

As a real estate investor, I plan on you quickly buying the property from my company when the renovations are completed.  And we don’t have to pay a real estate commission.  This factor eliminates any marketing time frames, increasing our speed from purchase to sale,and it significantly lowers selling costs.  As a result, our investment risk is minimized.  We pass the “reduced risks” onto you by reducing our expected profit margins.  Our anticipated earnings are more moderate when we buy and sell.

Some real estate investors who learn about what we doare a little jealous, because they see the beauty of the business model, and they appreciate that we are helping Veterans along the way.  For us, it’s about innovating to HELP Veterans – period.

From a real estate investor’s perspective, it’s still risky business.  Things come up; it’s messy…always.  But I think I can control the risks to make it worth it for our investors and deliver an extraordinary result for YOU.

We are completely transparentin every regard with the manner in which we communicate on all of our programs.  This is essential with our Dreamweaver Home Purchase ProcessTM.  With The Dreamweaver, you’ll have full disclosure on all the numbers – everything.

Because we are making such large promises to you, WE HAVE TO BE transparent!  If just one client discovered something we were attempting to hide, it would burry us.  The years of effort to build trust in this community would be wasted, and employees who are invested in and believe in what we do…they would be crushed.  It’s just the opposite.  Clients embrace The Dreamweaver…it’s AWESOME!

Here’s How We Earn Our Income, and Here’s How You Are Protected by the VA

The Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process has the potential to generate three sources of possible income to us:  sometimes, but not always – a commission on the real estate purchase, because the house is listed on the MLS.  Again, we anticipate earning a moderate profit margin on our investment capital, when we sell the home to you.  Lastly, we earn income from the loan origination and funding, as does any company funding VA loans.

As you can see, we are performing multiple services simultaneously and earning income in traditional manners, as other do in the same way.  When clients speak to us personally, they take a good hard look.  They get a clear understanding what we do and the risks we take.  Our clients are always satisfied with ourdirect answers to their specific questions.

How are you protected?  The VA protects you from paying too much for the home by way of the independent VA appraisal.  The VA will only allow financing up to100% of the VA appraisal’s value.  We can’t get a loan for you to buy the home from us for more than The VA Appraiser says it’s worth.  Therefore, the VA Appraiser must agree that we have created the anticipated additional property value through our renovations.  Again, watch our client’s Dreamweaver videos, especially Vince and Erica’s, Brandon & Becca Brooks and Lewis Zepeda’s videos.

And our interest rates?  Our rates have to be highly competitive, or our clients would by and large be unhappy. Our clients are very happy!

Your Military Training Has Taught You to Expect a Victory and How to Avoid Defeat and Failure…So Will We

Again, victory vs. defeat…success vs. failure on your mission to buy a home begins with preparation, yes.  But the key to getting everything you want in your new home purchase often lies in your strategy and the tactics deployed when executing your plan.

Without strategy and tactics, you’ll likely go down a more common path.  You’ll engage the market with agents who may not demonstrate a concrete commitment to your success and who are utilizing typical methods.  They do not have our programs.  You may experience extended periods of repetitive, unsuccessful VA offers resulting in increasing amounts of frustration and VA home buyer’s “battle fatigue.”  Home prices may continue to rise.  Interest rates may continue to rise, and your landlord will likelycontinue to raise your rent.

If you want to experience victory and success in your process of buying a home using you VA, consider The Dreamweaver Home Purchase ProcessTM which offers you:

  • The “substance” and rapid speed to close of an all-cash offer, which SellersDEFINITELY prefer! No appraisals or financing to extend or obstruct the initial acquisition or closing of your chosen home, prior to renovation.
  • The strong commitment of a LARGE earnest money (Good Faith) escrow deposit from an all-cash buyer. Sellers DEFINITELY prefer this over VA buyers, which tend to offer slim earnest money deposits to escrow – smaller commitment – less “skin in the game.”
  • A purchase offer which doesn’t contain any request for the Seller to pay for “VA non-allowable” closing costs. Sellers don’t like to pay for additional closing costs.
  • A purchase offer that doesn’t contain stringent home inspection and VA appraisal standards required by you’re the buyer and the VA appraiser. Sellers don’t like any of that!
  • You get the opportunity CUSTOM design your home’s finishes!
  • You get the resources deployed by multiple companies, taking additional business risks for you to accomplish YOUR home ownership goals!

Really Peter…Why Are You Doing This?

Again, my name is Peter Van Brady.  I didn’t serve.  I wasn’t born a patriot – far from it.  I’m embarrassed to say that in 1981 I was frightened of the Selective Service Act – the daft, as I came of age.  I had no desire to serve my country.  I could never have imagined myself like this…in THIS spot that I find myself in today.  It’s very hard to put in words…buy I’ll try…

…now…this “place where I am coming from today,” it’s just a feeling…but where did it come from?  For any of us to get from our beginnings to here…where we are today, we just have to connect the dots…from one to the next, right?  As adults we make a series of choicesover time that define who we are…who we have become…and how we feel about it.There is a famous song lyric, “How did I get here?”

Fast forward through my life’s story…meeting Nancy at UCSB, two incredible daughters, one amazing son (who has autism), a life of adventure and entrepreneurial successes (and defeats), three current businesses…which now all work together to provide me the hope and opportunity to help Veterans

I gradually got PULLED in…drawn further and further into this love affair – working with active military and Veterans.  The more I got to know our clients, many who have made significant sacrifices for our country, the further I was drawn in.  Frankly, I am still awed and made to feel small and insignificant by the selfless men and woman who serve – out of duty – not even knowing me or the other 300 million of us.  I am simply perpetually drawn into the life stories of the truly humble personalities that make up our military – our client base.

And then there are the non-fiction stories…the books…the true accounts of men and women who have given EVERYTHING.  I have read (and listened to) so many documented reports of commitment, sacrifice, duty…real accounts of the chaos and heartbreak of battle…it all just makes me feel so irrelevant.  It really does…just tiny.

brady family

So…it is an HONOR and a PRIVILEGE to be given the opportunity to workwith you. I now choose to only work with those who serve.I prefer to be doing (in my opinion) exceptional things…things that no one else wants to do or is able to do.

I prefer to be applying my passions and innovations to produce one of a kind, incomparable results for you.  It feels sort of like…I’m exercising all my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to be able to give back…to give to those who chose to serve, because they did so mostly out of duty and brotherhood…I get to give to you…it feels good.  To give is good.  Perhaps, it even took me a lifetime to learn that.

This endeavor is a worthy effort.  I believe this market is “underserved” and will benefit from my innovations.  This work gives me and my team purpose.   It’s just slightly less difficult to brush off the inevitable business disappointments, when we are driven by this cause to serve you.It’s a whole lot easier to “go the extra mile” for those who (chose to) serve.

Does that answer the question of WHY I am doing this?  I sincerely hope we get a chance to meet.

Again, you too can have the same results as Lewis, Vince & Erica, Brandon & Becca and our other happy Dreamweaver clients.  You can move into a lovely new home for you and your family where you got to choose all the renovations, features and finishes…all while you defeated the Sellers who wanted to reject you and the other buyers in the marketplace who wanted to beat you!  You’ve WON the game.  Declare the victory…

Don’t hesitate.  I challenge you right now to take the first small step now to begin your journey to getting the home you really want. Request a copy of The Plan to “Get The Seller to Say Yes” now.

Choose “The Plan”…Not The Program

Together, when we begin your search for the right home for you…where you want it, just the way you want it…you don’t choose one of our programs and then try and find the home.  Just the opposite.  We have your needs, wants and dreams in mind as we scour all our many property sources for the right piece of real estate for you – the right opportunity

What if we find a home that’s already nearly perfect?  What if this discovery is everything you and your family are looking for?  We can’t make a cash offer because the property is already modern and up to date.  There doesn’t exist a “value add” opportunity for renovation.We must make a VA offer.  In this case, we deploy our “Stealth Tactics.”  We utilize our…

Veteran’s Angel Program

Our most POWERFUL tacticdeployedin our Veteran’s Angel Program is very “stealth-like.”  This is the third of three tactics, and it is invisible to The Seller…THIS TACTIC is utilized as the ultimate lever that we reach up to, grab it with both hands and pull it down hard, locking in the purchase contract and the whole transaction firmly into place.

CLICK HERE to discover more about our Veteran’s Angel Program

My Promises – My Guarantees to You

I challenge you right now to take the first small step now to begin your journey to getting the home you really want. I pledge many promises and make many Guarantees to you, which are all clearly stated in The Plan.

Again, in The Plan you will find Our SoCalVAHomes Value Guarantees – Our Core Values & ironclad promises to you!Request a copy of The Plan to “Get The Seller to Say Yes” now.

I GUARANTEE YOU that we will listen closely to your goals and desires – to what you are trying to accomplish. Your home ownership goals are our first priority.

I GUARANTEE our team of expert’s intense devotion to YOUR home ownership goals, using one of our 3 breakthrough programs can deliver a SUPERIOR RESULT when buying your next home.

Or call one of our Client Service Specialists now to begin the conversation with us and get your copy of The Plan (949) 268-7742

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