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Homes for sale in Riverside, CA have a lot going for them. With property values on the upswing, there’s never been a better time to make an investment in a house there. A melting pot of a college town, the county is home to the University of California, Riverside. The students and alumni who stick around help add a sense of vibrancy and youth to the diverse city. There are also a wide array of houses for sale in Riverside, CA, making this the perfect spot for Veterans hoping to put down roots. Whether you’re looking for houses, townhomes or condos for sale in Riverside, CA, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

Nature lovers will find Riverside delightful. With 52 parks encompassing more than 2,700 acres, there’s always a new trail to discover. Fairmount Lake is a local favorite, with opportunities to fish, boat and wander through a rose garden. The Santa Ana River Trail also passes through the region. It’s home to the annual Riverside to Surfside bike ride, where you can take in landmarks like Disneyland and Angel Stadium while you pedal. Homes for sale in Riverside county reflect the area’s diverse landscape. Whether you’re dreaming of a grassy yard for growing tomatoes or are hoping for something more natural and low-maintenance, you’ve got options in Riverside.

If you’re looking for cultural opportunities, Riverside is your town. California Riverside Ballet and the Riverside Philharmonic are world-renowned. Dating back more than 45 years, the two theaters have a long history of providing Riverside county with stellar performances. Foodies will appreciate that both are located near fabulous restaurants. Grab dinner before a show – it’s the perfect date night opportunity!

There’s a lot to love about Riverside, which is why so many Veterans opt to buy homes there. Consider this significant number: Seven percent of all home buyers getting a loan in Riverside County use their VA home loan to finance their purchase! That’s a lot of Veterans buying homes. March Air Reserve Base brings a number of servicemen and women to town. Many fall in love with the area and stick around for good. You’ll have no problems finding VA approved homes in Riverside!

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You’ve worked hard to earn your VA benefits, and So Cal VA Homes can help you use them wisely. Our breakthrough programs help Veterans find, negotiate and purchase just the right home for you. With no down payment needed and no minimum credit threshold to meet, Veterans may find their chances at homeownership greatly improved after talking to our team.

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