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Peter Van Brady and Partners with UPS Store Owner

by Peter Brady

Peter Van Brady, founder of was hosted by Huy Dang to help and train his staff on how the SoCalVAHomes program works and how to help our country’s active and retired service men and women overcome the challenges in purchasing a home in today’s market while helping add revenue to the store by helping out their current customers. Watch the video below:


In Pete’s Training he also covered frequently asked questions that UPS Store Employees got when interacting with their VA Customers, which included:

Q:What are the VA loan limits?
A:The depend on the county, Southern California’s 5 county are as follow: Orange County CA $668,750, San Diego County $500,000, Riverside County $417,000, LA County 668,750, Ventura County $546,250. The VA sets loan limits each year based on the cost of housing across the country.

Q: Are interest rates good with VA Loans compared to other loans?
A: Yes! VA Loan rates for zero down loans are in the 3-4% range currently, which is all time lows! There has literally never been a better time for the VA Home owner to purchase, with depressed real estate prices and low interest rates, in many cases renting is more expensive.

Q: Where does the loan come from? Does SoCalVAHomes make the loan?
A: SoCalVAHomes combines three companies to make this process work for our active and retired service members. We have a VA Approved lending company, a residential real estate brokerage and a real estate investment company to make this work. Our VA Approved lending company does not make loans, and neither does the VA for that matter! The VA Guarantees the loans and we help our clients get approved for the most house that they can while managing their payments so that it is in a range that feels comfortable. We match you with one of our lending sources who will give you the best rate and after we purchase and renovate the home with our investor capital you then buy the home for zero down, zero closing using your va benefit.

Q: How much does SoCalVAHomes mark up the house that needs the renovation that the service member will buy?
A: Once our client is pre-approved, we start to look for homes within that price range. Obviously if a client is approved for a 250,000 dollar loan, we won’t be looking for property that needs to be heavily repaired and has a sales price of $240,000.  We find potential property and once we find one the client likes, we make a detailed itemized list of everything that they want done to the property and get an exact budget. This way they know exactly how much they can expect their new payment and loan amounts to be. It is all done long before the renovations are completed and everyone is on the same page with everything in writing.

Q: How hard is it to get a loan? I’ve heard that lending guidelines make it really difficult for anyone to qualify.
A: The VA Minimum lending limits are pretty simple and easy to qualify. If someone has been making their credit card and other payments on time they will likely qualify. They do need employment, but we can tell them in just a few minutes if they would qualify.

Q: Who gets to have a VA Benefit and who is eligible for a VA Loan?
A: Anyone who has served or is serving in the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, or Airforce, including National Guard and are currently active, reserve or has an honorable discharge is eligible.

Q: What if they’re working with a realtor already?
A: We cooperate with realtors and still will pay them a referral fee for the work they’ve already done. If they don’t have a realtor yet then great! We have an acquisition team that can help them get the house they want and they can use one of our agents. Since we purchase the house cash and then renovate our agents buy it first and then sell it to you.

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