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Temecula and Murrieta Real Estate: What’s the Difference?

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Are you asking yourself what the difference is between Temecula and Murrieta real estate? Temecula and Murrieta are both in the southwestern corner of Riverside County. Veterans and non-Veterans are drawn to the area because it is a remarkably affordable place to live and very family-friendly. Both cities share a number of attractive, positive similarities, and they each ranked very well in a recent Wallethub survey. Wallethub compared 254 cities across California in 2018, applying twenty-one key metrics to determine the best places for families to live. Temecula came in at twenty-one, and Murrieta ranked fifty-nine. Looking closely, however, Temecula and Murrieta real estate have a number of meaningful differences, some pros and cons for each city.

Schools and Safety

If you have a young family, then you can send your children to any one of Murrieta’s distinguished schools, all the way from pre-K to high school. Temecula Valley Unified School District also provides excellent education, maintaining high ratings on When you send your kids to school, you will know they are also safe.

Murrieta and Temecula both have very low crime rates compared to other cities in California. However, Murrieta earned a much higher score than Temecula for overall education, health, and safety. Murrieta ranked seventy-seven in the state, and Temecula was only at one-hundred ten. Here’s another impressive fact about Murrieta: for the lowest violent crime rate per capita, Murrieta ranked three in the entire state. By other standards, Murrieta ranked second safest city in the state. That’s pretty incredible!

Recreation and Fun

Both cities are primarily residential, geared toward families while also offering incredible amenities and recreation. Temecula ranked much, much higher than Murrieta for overall “family life and fun,” landing in sixteenth place whereas Murrieta fell at one-hundred nineteen in the state. It’s very possible that Temecula earned a higher score because the city has almost forty parks, beautiful wineries, several casinos, and endless opportunities for outdoor recreation.


Temecula has over forty famous wineries and tasting rooms and hosts a number of annual festivals. The Temecula Wine and Music Festival has been held annually in the Temecula Valley since 2004. The festival features live music and showcases Temecula’s premier wine vendors. The Temecula Wine and Balloon Festival is another incredible attraction, a multi-day event that draws as many as 38,000 attendees from all over Southern California. Held at Lake Skinner Recreation Area, the festival features wine and beer tasting, live entertainment, fair food, vendors, and balloon rides. The Callaway Vineyard & Winery opened in the early 1970s and remains one of the most popular of all the wineries in the Temecula Valley. The same Ely Callaway Jr. who founded the winery also founded the Callaway Golf company, and the golf game continues to thrive in Temecula. In addition to wineries, highly rated golf courses are spread across the valley.

The Pechanga Resort Casino and Pala Casino Spa and Resort are very popular among Temecula locals and visitors. In fact, Pechanga was recently renovated and now offers even more space for nighttime fun, concerts, and events.

Temecula residents eat local, buy local, and enjoy really great food. Old Town Temecula features a number of highly acclaimed restaurants. But if you enjoy cooking at home, farmers and vendors sell locally grown fruits and vegetables and locally made wares every Saturday morning at an open-air market.


That said, Murrieta isn’t exactly lacking on recreation. If you have kids, there are numerous youth sports programs and leagues. If you like to golf, Murrieta has three golf courses for you to choose from. There are also numerous shopping centers to choose from right in Murrieta if you enjoy shopping. The Murrieta Town Center, Murrieta Springs Plaza, and California Oaks Center are right in the city.

Economic Development

The scenic landscape of Murrieta and reasonably priced housing by California standards not only attracts new residents but also businesses to the area. This is why Murrieta adopted the motto “The Future of Southern California.” Murrieta continues to drive employment opportunities.

Things are really looking great in Temecula; tourism is booming, and this is wonderful for the local economy! Pechanga Resort Casino, Old Town Temecula, and more than forty wineries draw visitors to the valley every year. In fact, the Temecula Valley received 3.1 million visitors to its wine country in 2018 alone. In the same year, visitors spent $409 million on arts, entertainment, and recreation. Wine Enthusiast magazine named Temecula Valley a “10 Best Wine Travel Destinations of 2019.”  Overall, visitors to Temecula spent $1.1 billion dollars, 26-percent more than in 2017.

Housing and Community

Temecula and Murrieta have great pricing on homes compared to other cities in Southern California. In terms of overall affordability, Temecula ranked eighteen in the state, a full twenty-four places higher than Murrieta.

The two cities are organized in slightly different ways. Murrieta has more single-family homes and larger lots. The square footage of houses tends to be somewhat higher than comparably-priced homes in Temecula. Temecula neighborhoods are more organized, planned around HOAs and community landscaping. As a more established town, another pro for Temecula is that it has more city-hosted events.

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We are a team of military Veteran real estate agents and Sr. VA loan pros who are “VA Savvy.” We can help you decide between Temecula and Murrieta real estate and talk with you about the details of your VA benefits. SoCal VA Homes recognizes the unique hurdles Veterans frequently face when trying to use their hard-earned VA benefits to purchase a house. It’s not unusual for Veterans to face “sellers bias,” the preference for cash offers coming from those using conventional loans instead of VA loans. This can be very frustrating! It certainly frustrates us because we don’t think Veterans should have to go through that. You gave so much to your country, and your family probably made sacrifices, too. So, we are passionate about making sure Veterans achieve the dream of homeownership. You deserve it.

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