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IntroducingThe New Referall Program

by Peter Brady
“Discover How YOU Can Make a $mall Fortune$$ Referring Your Friends to Buy a New Custom Home! It’s NEW! There is NO out of Pocket Costs…and So Cal VA is Guaranteed to Amaze Them!”  Listen to the recorded teleseminar to discover all the details of the program.  How To Make Money as You Help Your Friends and Family Achieve “Home Ownership Bliss!” Why you are sparing your friends a massive headache and heartache when they would otherwise by fruitlessly attempting to purchase an “ordinary home” the “old way” How to WIN OVER your friends and have them thanking you FOREVER because we moved […] Honored by Fountain Valley City Counil

by Peter Brady
On November 12th, the City of Fountain Valley honored and its founder, Peter Brady for service to our active and retired military during the Fountain Valley Veterans Day Ceremony. was recognized in helping produce quality housing to our brave service men and women who are facing such a difficult time in using their VA Benefits to purchase homes in this current market, since many times VA Buyers have to frequently purchase homes that need lots of renovation or updating to make the home ideal. also helps active and retired servicemen and women to obtain Specially Adaptive Housing […]

2012 VA Lending Limits For California

by Peter Brady
Did you know the VA doesn’t actually make loans? Private lenders do. If a VA loan is approved and meets guidelines set forth by the VA and the lender, the VA will guarantee a portion of the loan. Generally, the VA will guarantee the first 25% of the loan, which is why veterans are not required to put down any money if they don’t want to.  It is possible to get a VA loan for loan amounts higher than the max for you county but additional down payments are required by the lender. If you have any questions regarding VA […]

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