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Brian and Lisa Doudera Move In To Their New Dream Home!

by Peter Brady

Brian and Lisa Doudera, of Imperial Beach are now homeowners thanks to The house that they have is completely custom to their specifications, everything from paint colors, to landscaping to their newly remodeled kitchen. “At first it seemed like it was too good to be true,” said Brian when asked about how he felt about, “And I’m a very skeptical person, but after talking to you guys I felt like I could trust you, and I’m glad I went with my gut.”

Their home buying process wasn’t as easy as most people would think, most people believe that it is a buyer’s market and housing is at all time low prices, that they’ll just go out and buy a foreclosure and get a great deal, but that isn’t reality. Currently throughout Southern California inventory of houses is down about 60% from a year ago. The historic low rates coupled with the lower housing prices have created a rush for people to go out and buy homes. Investors, cash buyers, conventional buyers, FHA and VA Buyers are all out there competing for the same smaller inventory of homes. Typically, VA buyers are viewed as a more difficult transaction because of the appraisal issues and perceived complexity of the loans and as a result these offers go to the bottom of the stack and their offers get rejected.

SoCalVAHomes provides a unique solution for VA Buyers and helped Brian and Lisa get into their home. SoCalVAHomes takes their VA clients out to look at homes that they would be interested in, then they make cash offers with quick closings so that they can get a property accepted. Once a house is under contract SoCalVAHomes goes through the home and creates a wishlist of everything from carpet and flooring choices to paint colors to appliances and counter tops. Then SoCalVAHomes’ VA client purchases their fully rennovated home with zero down and zero closing costs.

Peter Van Brady the founder of came up with this business model as he saw his Veteran clients were increasingly being pushed out of the market. As a 20 year mortgage and real estate veteran, Pete noticed that his loan clients would just settle for any home they could get an offer accepted on, and then rack up credit card debt trying to fix up the home to how they wanted it. The result was high credit card payments that were difficult to afford and a home that wasn’t what anyone really wanted. “This kind of program isn’t available anywhere else,” Pete said, “it is just too difficult for most companies.” Pete is right, the process really takes three companies to make the whole transaction work, and there are so many moving parts to the whole transaction that this is really a unique solution for VA Buyers.

Brian and Lisa are now homeowners for the first time in their lives and they were able to

Pete Brady With Brian and Lisa Doudera in their New Home

do it with zero down and zero closing costs, in a very tight real estate market . They were also able to get amazing financing terms with a 30 year fixed rate in the low 3% range as well and everything they could possibly want in their home. When asked how she felt about being a homeowner for the first time Lisa responded “I’m still in shock, I couldn’t go to sleep last night, I felt like a kid who was going to Disneyland for the first time I was so excited.”

If you would like to see what can do for you, please call 888-556-2018 ext 7742. We would love to show you exactly how our process works and how we can help you create the home of your dreams even in today’s difficult real estate market.

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