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Understanding California’s VA Loan Limits

The state of California is made up of more than 38 million people. That makes it the most populated state in the nation. While Alaska and Texas might be bigger in land mass, nothing tops California when it comes to population. Add in the diverse geography of the Golden State, and it’s easy to see why the housing market is so varied here.  From the stunning shoreline of the Pacific Coast Highway to the scenic vistas of the Mojave Desert, there’s an environment for every taste in California.

The kinds of houses available in California are just as varied. This often makes for difficult price comparisons. While $500,000 for a house in Ventura will get you a nice place, the same kind of home might be worth three times as much in San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Many Veterans do not realize that the state’s diverse real estate market is reflected in the VA loan limits in California. Though borrowers can seek as large a VA loan as they’d like, they’ll need to supply a down payment for 25% of the loan amount beyond the county’s loan limits. Keep reading to understand why these limits are in place. We’ll also explore special incentives for California buyers.

Loan Limits

The sky is the limit with the VA home loan program. There is no official limitation on the size of VA loan you can receive. There are maximums, though, for the amount you can borrow with no money down. Based on the county in which you’re hoping to buy, the VA home loan limits in California vary widely. For example, those shopping for a home in Los Angeles County are limited to loans of $726,525. While buyers can certainly opt for higher priced homes and larger loans, they will need to put a down payment on the house. Homes under the loan limit do not require a down payment.

In California, “high balance” VA loan limits are common. These high balance limits exceed the conforming loan limit set each year by the Federal Housing Finance Agency. The high balance limits are designed to reflect the higher average market price for a home in each county.. When compared to a higher priced city like Los Angeles, the loan limits in places like Fresno County are set at the conforming loan limit. You can expect to see loan limits of $484,350 in Fresno. Loan limits are the amount of money the government is willing to guarantee, known as the VA loan Guaranty.

Here’s a list of the maximum VA home loan in California in 2019 by county:

1. Alameda County $726,525
2. Alpine County $484,350
3. Amador County $484,350
4. Butte County $484,350
5. Calaveras County $484,350
6. Colusa County $484,350
7. Contra Costa County $726,525
8. Del Norte County $484,350
9. El Dorado County $552,000
10. Fresno County $484,350
11. Glenn County $484,350
12. Humboldt County $484,350
13. Imperial County $484,350
14. Inyo County $484,350
15. Kern County $484,350
16. Kings County $484,350
17. Lake County $484,350
18. Lassen County $484,350
19. Los Angeles County $726,525
20. Madera County $484,350
21. Marin County $726,525
22. Mariposa County $484,350
23. Mendocino County $484,350
24. Merced County $484,350
25. Modoc County $484,350
26. Mono County $529,000
27. Monterey County $652,050
28. Napa County $726,525
29. Nevada County $486,450
30. Orange County $726,525
31. Placer County $552,000
32. Plumas County $484,350
33. Riverside County $484,350
34. Sacramento County $517,500
35. San Benito County $726,525
36. San Bernardino County $484,350
37. San Diego County $690,000
38. San Francisco County $726,525
39. San Joaquin County $484,350
40. San Luis Obispo County $667,000
41. San Mateo County $726,525
42. Santa Barbara County $625,500
43. Santa Clara County $726,525
44. Santa Cruz County $726,525
45. Shasta County $484,350
46. Sierra County $484,350
47. Siskiyou County $484,350
48. Solano County $494,500
49. Sonoma County $704,950
50. Stanislaus County $484,350
51. Sutter County $484,350
52. Tehama County $484,350
53. Tulare County $484,350
54. Tuolumne County $484,350
55. Trinity County $484,350
56. Ventura County $713,000
57. Yolo County $552,000
58. Yuba County $484,350

The Guidance You Need from So Cal VA Homes

California Veterans home loans are a great way to achieve homeownership. Eager to get started? Call 949-268-7742 to speak with a SoCal VA Homes Client Services Specialist. We’re passionate about helping you get the most out of your VA benefits, so connect with us today!

No matter where you see yourself buying a home, we’re happy to help you better understand the market where you’re house hunting. Factoring in California’s VA loan limits into your search doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, with the help of So Cal VA Homes, you’ll have an easier time finding the home of your dreams in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino or any of California’s gorgeous cities.




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