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While So Cal VA Homes was founded to deploy extraordinary methods to achieve your homeownership goals, it quickly became apparent that all our experience in SELLING homes was valuable. In our efforts managing SARTRE, LLC (, our real estate investment company, we bought and SOLD nearly 1000 homes between January 2009 and December 2013.

You are an example of evidence that our Active Military and Veteran home owners are “Movin’ UP!”

Just ask Kevin Michael about the benefits of having So Cal VA Homes sell your home (for the highest price possible) and help you into your next home.

Could it be your dream home too? Watch this video to find out.

We Will Help You Sell Your Home For The Highest Price!

When using your VA benefit to move from your current home to your next home, special considerations must be taken into account.

Conventional “Realtor think” typically suggests that you should “sell your home first,” before going out and making offers on your next home. For one…this can be SCARY! What if you don’t find the right home after you sell yours? Do you have to rent? Do you have to move twice? Are we suggesting you move from a home that you’ve made your life in for years, even decades… only to move from that safety, security and emotional stronghold into the “unknown?” No. This is certainly not always the case…  

Although there are logical reasons to sell your home first, before making offers – which include:

  • As “patient” seller, you don’t necessarily HAVE TO sell right away, and therefore are in a stronger position to negotiate the best terms and highest price for your home.
  • If you are fortunate enough to get a “Contingent VA Offer to Purchase” accepted by a home seller… (This is an offer where your seller agrees that you must sell YOUR home to buy THIERS), then there are certainly going to be time frames attached which will require you sell your home by a certain date in the very near future. That puts potentially unnecessary pressure on you as a seller, weakening your negotiating position where you may be willing to do things such as lower your price to sell and accept making concessions. When given the reverse circumstances, you would NOT take those actions.
  • When you have NOT sold your current home, sellers who are receiving your offer to purchase on a new home, likely view your “Contingent VA Offer to Purchase” as the worst of all circumstances. Sellers and their real estate agents don’t prefer VA offers over others. If this is a shock to you, please read the brief explanation of “How We are (Dramatically) Different” in the ABOUT section of this site. If you are a VA “Contingent” Offer, the odds of getting the offer accepted in the midst of any competing offers are near zero. In this circumstance, there are just so many roadblocks to achieving a successful sale from the seller’s point of view. It’s often too big a mountain to climb for you.

Having Stated the Obvious Reasons to Sell Your Home FIRST...

There are much less obvious reasons to do just the opposite – (go look for the home you really want first)…. Which no “typical realtor’ will discuss with you.

At, we are anything BUT typical! We do things for our men and women who serve that no one else does. Given our unique capabilities, we often look at the path to accomplishing your goals through a “different lens” so to speak.

Selling your home at the highest price and with the least hassle requires specialized individual planning. And it also often requires the implementation of our unique, exclusive and unique methods of achieving your goals to purchase in conjunction with the sale of your home.

Trying to explain the “How to” any further on our website wouldn’t get you any closer to your goals. If you are considering selling your home and considering using your VA home loan benefit to purchase your next home, you are in the right place! Just ask Kevin in the video above!

Please call or contact a Sr. VA Home Loan Technician to discuss your goals.

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