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3 Unique Programs Provide an Advantage For
Military Family and Veteran Home Buyers

Veteran’s Angel

3 stealth-like tactical advantages for
VA Home Buyers

Three Powerful Tactics For VA Home Buyers

Unfortunately, VA buyers are often at a disadvantage in competitive markets. Many real estate agents and sellers have misconceptions about working with Veterans. We understand these challenges and have developed a process to turn the tide in your favor.

Our Veteran's Angel Program deploys three tactical advantages which have proven to increase the probability of successfully negotiating a purchase contract when making a typical “VA offer.”

VA Construction

100% VA loan for purchasing a lot and building your dream home

100% Construction Financing for VA Home Buyers

Finding the right home in a tight "Seller's" market can be extremely frustrating and difficult, especially for Veteran home buyers.

Many people view new construction as a viable alternative. However, for VA borrowers, this can be a challenge. Not many lenders will provide construction financing for VA home buyers.

It really is possible to use your VA benefits to buy land and build the new home of your dreams.
Let us show you how.

Dreamweaver Home
Purchase Process

Zero down & zero closing cost on a fully custom renovated home

Fully Renovated Home With Zero Down Financing

How would you like a FULLY CUSTOM RENOVATED HOME for ZERO down and ZERO closing costs?

We don't know of any other company that offers a similar program. We help you find a home that suits your needs but requires renovation. Then WE buy the home for cash, renovate it and transfer (sell) the home to you using your VA benefits.

It may sound too good to be true, but we really can make your dream a reality.

Dreamweaver Purchase Program

Fully Custom Renovated Home Using Your VA Benefits
Zero Down and Zero Closing Cost

  • Unique program for VA buyers
  • Fully custom renovated home
  • Exactly how you want it
  • Remodeled to your specifications
  • Within your budget
  • Use your VA benefits
  • Zero down and zero closing cost

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