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Our Veteran's Angel Program

Three Tactics to Gain a Tremendous Strategic Advantage in the Home Buying Process

In a competitive, tight, Seller's market, VA home buyers are often at a disadvantage. We've seen instances where Sellers are receiving dozens of offers on their home. How does a Seller decide which is the best offer?

Often times, they begin by eliminating as many options as possible. Unfortunately, many real estate agents view VA borrowers/buyers as the least desirable to work with. The same benefits designed to help reward our Veterans for their service to our country are viewed as negatives and obstacles by many Realtors and Sellers.


We have a plan to help you get the home you really want

  • Zero or low down payments
  • More lenient borrowing guidelines
  • Small Earnest Money Deposits
  • VA inspection and appraisal requirements

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Leverage a superior strategy to gain a competitive advantage

Our job is to get your offer to the top of the stack and convince the Sellers that they're making the best choice.

This is where our passion and dedication is most obvious. You're not just another "deal" to us. We get to know you on a personal level. We take that knowledge and leverage it for your benefit.

We want... we NEED... your purchase offer to stand out from the dozens of others shoved in front of the Seller. The first thing we do before making an offer on your behalf is to call... not email, not text... but call the agent and make sure they will even consider a VA buyer. We don't want to waste your time and get your hopes up if there's no chance for success.

Once we've determined the Seller is open to considering an offer from a Veteran or Military Family, our program kicks into gear.

Step 1: Make it easier for the Seller to make a decision

In the recent competitive market, we've seen situations where the Seller's receive more than 30 offers. Considering the standard purchase offer contract in California is 12 pages long, this means the Sellers have to wade through over 350 pages of legalese. Granted, the most important information... the price and terms... is included in the first three pages. But the Seller's must still read through more than a hundred pages of contracts to begin narrowing down the offers.

The first tactical advantage we put into play is to reduce your offer to a simple cover letter with the price, terms and conditions clearly laid out in bullet point structure.

The Sellers can easily and quickly view the terms of your offer without having to dig through three pages of the contract.

It sounds simple, but this strategy has proven to be very successful in moving our offers to the top of the stack.

Step 2: Connect With the Sellers on a Personal Level

Our most powerful tactic may be the Client Relationship Letter. This, again, is where our passion for helping Veterans and Military Families shines through. Included in our offer package is a specially written and designed letter that positions you as real people... not just numbers on a contract.

We explain our expertise in working exclusively with VA buyers and borrowers. We want the Sellers and their agents to know that we understand the processes and steps needed to take this offer to a successful closing.

By stressing your qualifications, we dispel the myth that VA borrowers may not be as qualified as conventional borrowers, thereby easing the Seller's concern of completing the transaction.

We outline your military career including photos, timelines and combat experience where applicable. We want the Sellers to know and appreciate the sacrifices you've made for our country... their country.

Finally, we again stress the fact that you're totally qualified to buy their home. We explain our commitment to helping Veterans and our programs, like the Dreamweaver Home Buying Process... going so far as to buy a home for you, renovated it and sell it to you when finished. If we have that much faith in you, they should have too!

Simple but not easy!

Don't under estimate the power of this tactic. We've witnessed great results and we're confident we can do the same for you. Some Sellers have been so moved by the Client Relationship Letter that they ask to meet our clients in person and express their gratitude for their service.

Instead of being dismissed and eliminated because you're a VA buyer, your offer now has a better chance of getting noticed and separate from the rest... putting you at the top of the list of offers under consideration. You'd be hard pressed to find another company that can deliver those kinds of results!

The first two steps in our strategy may sound simple... but they're certainly not easy. Very few people, if any, will take the time to get to know their clients on such a deep personal level that they can write a heartfelt letter... a letter that really gets the attention of the Sellers... an emotional letter that tugs at the heartstrings and puts honor, pride and commitment before dollars and cents. Creating a letter with such an impact requires true concern and passion.

We do it because we care!

Step 3: The most powerful weapon in our arsenal

We can reveal the first two steps in our process because, quite frankly, most of our competition can't or won't copy us. They are either too lazy to put in the time and effort required to put in the extra work or not as committed and passionate about truly helping those who serve our country.

This is something you can't fake and is hard to replicate... either you have it or you don't! Once you meet with our team you'll quickly see that we're the real deal.

However, the final step in our process is so powerful we can't disclose it to the public. Our goal is to give you an unfair advantage as a VA home buyer. If we give away our "ace in the hole", you may lose that leverage.

We'll only reveal our trade secret once you become an approved client. Be assured... there is NO ONE more committed as we are to help Veterans and Military Families get they home they want and deserve.

Dispelling myths about VA Buyers

Our Veteran's Angel Program addresses the most prominent concerns Sellers and their agents have against working with VA Buyers and transforms those perceived obstacles into your competitive advantage.

Because you're not putting down a large down payment or Earnest Money Deposit, many Sellers believe you're not as serious about your offer. Many Sellers question your ability to follow through and close the transaction because VA loans are typically more lenient in their borrowing guidelines. We help alleviate their concerns by focusing on our direct, in-depth knowledge about your qualifications and our experience working exclusively with Veterans. We don't just tell them, we put it in writing!

Often Sellers and their agents are fearful about the variants in a VA purchase transaction. They mistakenly think it will cost them more money to work with a VA Buyer. They're worried about the VA home inspection and additional repairs they may be required to make in order for your loan to be approved. As you may know, the fear of the unknown is a powerful force. We reveal the truth and put their minds at ease.

Let us show you how this program can work for you!

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