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IntroducingThe New Referall Program

by Peter Brady

“Discover How YOU Can Make a $mall Fortune$$ Referring Your Friends to Buy a New Custom Home! It’s NEW! There is NO out of Pocket Costs…and So Cal VA is Guaranteed to Amaze Them!” 

Listen to the recorded teleseminar to discover all the details of the program. 

  1. How To Make Money as You Help Your Friends and Family Achieve “Home Ownership Bliss!”
  2. Why you are sparing your friends a massive headache and heartache when they would otherwise by fruitlessly attempting to purchase an “ordinary home” the “old way”
  3. How to WIN OVER your friends and have them thanking you FOREVER because we moved them into The CUSTOM Home of their dreams with no out of pocket costs, and they are paying less than their rent!!!

Listen Now Click Here.

YOU make money as YOUR FRIENDS are thrilled, electrified and amazed by their beautiful, NEW CUSTOM Home! PLEASE…HELP your friends and family! 

The biggest problem your friends and family have when purchasing a home is that their offers get put at the bottom of the pile as conventional 20% down offers or all cash offers receive far greater attention from the banks and sellers. VA buyers are at a big disadvantage right now with such little housing inventory. 

Here’s a very brief description of how we at solve these problems and helps move your fiends into their DREAM HOME… 

So Cal VA buys the home that your friends and family are interested in owning and having renovated. Our offer goes to the top of the stack because we make an all cash offer with a quick close. Then ideally, we do everything they want to have done to the home, (paint colors, carpet choices, they choose the granite and stainless steel appliances), and then they buy the home from us, using their VA with no out of pocket costs!

Ideally, they get everything NEW they want in the home without settling for less or racking up credit card debt, attempting to finish it, just to meet their needs.

 Listen to our whole team on this tele-seminar and discover how you can help your friends.

Listen Now Click Here.

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