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Kick Ass Using Your VA Loan!
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Legacy Brewing Company
Monday, October 23rd - 5:30 PM

Meet Peter Van Brady, founder of So Cal VA Homes, and Lewis Zepeda (U.S.M.C Ret) for beer and pizza. They'll show you how to KICK ASS using your VA Loan to get the home you really want.

The first beer is courtesy of So Cal VA Homes! Enjoy a slice from Tony Pepperoni!

This is for Veterans and Active Duty Military who are ready to buy a home and want to know how to take maximum advantage of their VA loan benefit.

If you're tired of hearing NO when trying to buy a home or just want to find out more about the home buying process and VA loans, you won't want to miss this event.
Peter Van Brady and So Cal VA Homes have developed 3 unique programs to help give you an advantage when buying your next home.

1. Veteran's Angel Program... 3 stealth-like tactical advantages only offered through So Cal VA Homes.

2. 100% VA Construction Loan - buy a lot a build a home using your VA loan benefit... zero down, zero closing.

3. Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process... get into a customized, fully renovated home using your VA Loan... zero down, zero closing

Lewis Zepeda is in the middle of the Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process right now. He'll share firsthand knowledge how to get a fully customized, renovated home using your VA home loan benefits... zero down and zero closing!

Don't miss this event!

Monday - October 23rd at 5:30 PM

Legacy Brewing Company
363 Airport Rd
Oceanside, CA 92058

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