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Because if you are this kind of person who has a heart for those who have served our country and who currently serve, you are going to want to spend a few minutes right here! Just through the course of our daily business, we have discovered other compassionate advocates… and… well, surprisingly enthusiastic supporters!

Because of your station in life, we thought you might like to join our ranks of referral partners.

It’s typically not the substantial financial incentive (up to a 1.00% finder’s fee of the home’s purchase price)… that motivates our supporters to talk about our breakthrough housing ideas for veterans.

Our growing army of fans just want to help those who serve and realize that our home ownership solutions are GAME CHANGING… big… squirt gun vs. bazooka big!

Through our Dreamweaver Purchase Process, our company So Cal VA Homes stands out as the ONLY one of its kind. We provide fully custom renovated, beautiful homes for Zero Down and Zero Closing to active military and Veterans. And with our Veterans Angel Program, we deploy “never before, unheard of in real estate” market tactics to secure VA home purchases for our men and women.

Call us “VA Real Estate Crusaders”

So spend a few minutes on our site. Find out how BIG our VA home buyer’s problems are and how our company just CRUSHES these challenges for our men and women who serve.

You are welcome to call me to become a referral partner or just enroll right here on our site. There are no fees to register as a partner.

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