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How We're Different And Why it Matters to
Military Family and Veteran Home Buyers

Advantages for Veterans

Are you keenly aware of your local real estate market conditions and how to utilize your VA loan?

Are you simply unfamiliar and inexperienced with your VA loan benefit?

Whether an expert or just getting started, you’ll want to read all of this…

It’s a fact that trying to buy a house using your VA loan in ANY market PRESENTS UNIQUE HURDLES. So, you must be specifically aware of these (sometimes hidden) challenges… and to get the home that you really want, you must respond by creating and applying a winning strategy which helps you leap over these hurdles, to achieve MAXIMUM RESULTS.

Only then are you ready to GET THE HOME YOU REALLY WANT.

We'll Properly Prepare And Show You How to Leverage One of Our Three Unique and Powerful Programs to Get The Home You Really Want Using
Your VA Loan

If you’re committed to buying a home using your VA benefits, you’ll want to read EVERY WORD…

You may believe you simply need a mortgage lender to provide a VA loan or a Realtor to help you get into the house… and certainly, having specialists on your team who have expertise working with VA loans and VA home buyers will offer an advantage… YEAH, GREAT PEOPLE will increase your probability for success…

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But, Even if You Have a "VA Loan Specialist" And a Realtor "Who Knows VA"...

It’s Often Not Enough!

Our UNIQUE experience working EXCLUSIVELY with active military families and Veterans has proven YOU often need MORE… in some cases… A LOT MORE.

Founded in March of 1996, our extensive experience of working with active military families and Veterans has uncovered your UNIQUE needs as a VA home buyer. With our body of experience as a guide, we have responded by developing THREE very powerful programs, described on this site. These programs are combined with your VA home loan to produce EXTRAORDINARY results for you, when buying or building a home. I encourage you to find similar programs anywhere else. You won’t… they can only be found here.

My name is Peter Van Brady, and I CHALLENGE YOU to BROWSE THIS WEBSITE, watch all the videos, get a feel for OUR PASSION… and then to scour the marketplace for a company that has documented its efforts of DEVOTING MORE time, devoting MORE of our team’s resources and risking MORE of our own money to DELIVER to YOU a SUPERIOR result when buying or building a home, using your VA loan. More about our money as you read on…

Our Veterans Angel Program, VA Construction Loan Program and Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process solve a whole bucket of challenges and problems you may not even know you have!

Common Reasons Real Estate Agents And
Sellers Are Hesitant to Accept VA Offers

  • They prefer the “substance” of an all-cash offer or a juicy conventional offer vs. the lack of “skin in the game” common to VA buyers with zero down and closing costs negotiated to zero.
  • They prefer the LARGE earnest money (Good Faith) escrow deposits from all-cash and juicy conventional 20% down offers to those of the slim deposits to escrow from VA buyers. Wouldn’t you, if you were the seller?
  • They don’t care for the stringent inspection standards required and conservative valuation results produced by the VA appraisers. This is in contrast to no appraisal from an all-cash buyer or a different type of appraisal (not VA approved) produced on a conventional buyer.
  • They are resistant to the longer escrow terms typically written into a VA purchase contract vs. the alternatives of short all-cash deals or conventional financing.
  • The don’t like the “VA non-allowable” closing costs that must either be paid for by the lender or paid for by the seller, thereby increasing the seller’s closing costs.

VA Buyers are Getting Deals Done, But After What Sacrifices and Compromises?

Our experience has proven that it’s always a “Survival of the Fittest” market when making “typical VA offers” as your only tool to buy the property. Be emotionally prepared. Getting beat by other buyers can be commonplace.

So what leverage do you have to compete? If it’s a hot property listing that everyone wants, you need a strategy to succeed, right? What’s the alternative? Failure… losing out to more competitive offers? Or are you satisfied with buying the other home that’s less attractive, less desirable. You don’t want to settle for that, do you? And you don’t want to simply pay the highest price, do you? EVEN THAT STRATEGY MAY FAIL during the appraisal!

So Cal VA Homes and Our Programs Were
Created to Turn The Tables in Your Favor

The VA home loan benefit is unmatched… and it is nothing less than AWESOME! It’s a tragedy that the market forces can penalize YOU… Veterans, who are the home buyers who deserve the most respect. It kinda sucks. But, we want to do something about it! AND WE HAVE. We get out of bed every day to “crusade for your cause,” and do EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER TO SERVE YOU. That may be hard to believe at first, but… our client videos don’t lie.

Here's How We Do it…
With These Three Powerful Programs...
All Zero Down, Zero Closing

Program # 1
The Veteran's Angel Program

Our Veteran's Angel program deploys three tactical advantages which have proven to increase the probability of successfully negotiating a purchase contract when making a typical “VA offer.” (There is nothing typical about the fashion in which we negotiate this offer on your behalf).

One of our tactics is EXTREMELY POWERFUL and very “stealth-like.” Frankly, we can’t share these tactics to the open public. They are trade secrets. When you become an approved client, we will share them with you under the strictest of confidence. If we were to openly advertise these tactics, it would ultimately deplete their effectiveness over time. For your benefit and every client after you, we can’t take that risk.

Program # 2
VA Construction Financing:

This program allows for 100% financing of the lot purchase and construction of a new home. It is a phenomenal program.

However, it takes a long time to build a home and there are a lot of moving parts. If this is what you believe will make your dreams a reality, then we are more than happy to join you on this exciting journey!

Program # 3
Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process

Our exclusive Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process delivers you a FULLY CUSTOM RENOVATED HOME for ZERO down and ZERO closing costs. 

We'll help you find a home that suits your needs but needs renovation. Then we'll buy the home for CASH which will improve the probability of purchasing the home at the desired price. We'll establish a budget and renovate the home to your specifications. Just imagine getting to choose your countertops, your flooring, your fixtures, your appliances, your paint colors… nearly everything!

Then we transfer (sell) the home to you, using your VA loan, for zero down and zero closing. Many, many clients before you have been skeptical, thinking this “sounds too good to be true.”

Many before you have doubted our sincere motivations and reasons for creating such an experience and this unique result for you. I suggest you read OUR HUMBLE ORIGIN STORY for the long version of why we do what we do.

Why Are We Doing This?
Why Would We Take Such Risks?
Are We making a Fortune?

Let’s answer that last question first. No, we are not making a fortune. Let me say, we are COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT with regard to how we transact on all of our programs, especially with our Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process. WE HAVE TO BE TRANSPARENT, when we are making such large promises to you. If just ONE CLIENT in our growth history discovered something we were hiding, it would sink us – permanently. We’re an open book.

The Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process has the potential to generate three sources of possible income to us:  a commission on the real estate purchase, a nominal profit margin on our investment capital, as we sell the home to you, and we earn income from the loan.  When clients speak to us personally and take a good hard look at what we do and the risks we take, they always become satisfied and comfortable.  By the way, the VA protects you from paying too much for the home by way of the independent VA appraisal.  We can’t get VA financing for more than the home’s appraisal value.  Again, watch Vince and Erica’s video.
Our interest rates? THEY HAVE TO BE COMPETITIVE, or our clients would by and large be unhappy. Just the opposite – they are very happy. Watch the videos! Call them if you want; they would be more than willing to chat.

Really… Why Are We Doing This?

Again, my name is Peter Van Brady. I will continue to cultivate a team, myself included, that feels it is an HONOR and a PRIVILEGE to be working with active military families as well as veterans. Working with those who served, doing exceptional things (things no one wants to or are able to do) and producing amazing results for you... it feels GOOD! This is a worthy effort. This work gives us purpose, and having a goal to strive for makes a world of difference in everyday work.

Ask yourself, why do guys like Gary Sinise (who played Lt. Dan in Forest Gump) start the Gary Sinise Foundation? (His foundation is a major advocacy for Veterans and first responders.) Does he do it for the fame and recognition, the money, or does he do it because it makes him feel good to contribute back to society in a meaningful way? The answer is obvious.

I get up every day to do this…and our team feels the same.

When I’m done… I hope to have made a positive difference in the lives of as many families as possible… just read my book… you’ll form your opinion of who I am and what makes me tick, long before you finish.

Here's My Promise to You

I promise you – NO, I GUARANTEE YOU that utilizing one our three programs, supported by our devoted team of expert’s intense commitment to your home ownership goals will DELIVER a SUPERIOR RESULT when buying your next home. Just watch the videos! Working with Active military and Veterans is ALL WE WANT TO DO, EVERY DAY. SO CALL US AT (949) 268-7742, or GET THE So Cal VA Homes BUYER’S READINESS KIT NOW.

Give is a call NOW, and as a thank you we’ll immediately ship you a copy of my book, available on Amazon: Avoiding Mistakes & CRUSHING Your Deals Using Your VA Loan – Winning Strategies for Veterans Buying, Selling & Refinancing Homes. With shipping, it’s a $25 VALUE! …my gift to you.

Thank You

Thank you for your service. And I don’t take the extension of that gratitude lightly. I truly mean that!

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