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Our Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process

How to buy a fully renovated home using your VA Home Loan benefits

Zero down and zero closing cost

There are times, especially in a competitive market, where you just can’t find a ready-to-move-in home that fits your needs. In this case, more often than not, you may find a home that you like but it needs too many repairs or updates to move in right away.

As a VA home buyer, it’s frustrating because there’s no mechanism in the VA home loan process to buy a home and allow extra funds for the necessary renovations.

One of the biggest advantages of your VA benefits is that you can purchase a home with zero down and zero closing costs. This advantage is negated when the home you want needs tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and renovations.

So what are you supposed to do? How can you buy that home and still borrow the funds to have the home remodeled to your desires and specifications?

We have the solution… our Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process!

Simple but not easy!

You may have noticed that we use that phrase quite often… simple but not easy. Most of our strategies and programs can be viewed as being simple… simple to comprehend… simple to replicate… simple to see the value we deliver. But the execution is anything BUT simple.

It’s not cheap… it’s not easy… and it’s not without financial risk to us!

So why do we do it?

We’re on a mission. We have a clear objective… a well defined path and business model. We believe in helping Veterans get into the home of their dreams. We’ll do most anything within our power to make that happen.

You’ll quickly see that the Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process appears to be very simple. You’ll also quickly see why others don’t try to copy us.

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Finding Your Home

After meeting with our team of real estate and mortgage professionals, we’ll work with you to develop a well-defined process for finding a home that fits your wants and needs. Regardless of where in California you decide to purchase a home, we can assist in the process. The condition of the home will have an impact on our purchase strategy and program we deploy to achieve your goals.

Our Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process is designed for homes that require substantial renovations. In this case, we will make a CASH OFFER to buy the house. We put up all the money and take all the risk. Yes, WE buy the house for CASH. This improves the probability that we’ll be able to purchase the home at the best price. The next step is to start the renovation process.

Renovating Your Home

We work directly with you to create a budget then renovate the home to your specifications. You’ll get to choose your countertops, flooring, fixtures, appliances, paint colors… nearly anything and everything needed to make this home… your home. We don’t know of any other company that offers this service.

Now, you don’t have to settle for just any home… you can find the home you really want and have it renovated to suit your needs…. all while using your VA Home Loan benefits… zero down and zero closing cost.

The end result is a fully customized renovated home… remodeled to your specifications… including the features, fixtures and colors that are most important to you and your family.

Zero Down and Zero Closing

The last step in the process is to transfer (sell) the home to you using your VA loan… all for zero down and zero closing cost. The home is now YOURS!

Many of our clients before you have been skeptical, thinking this “sounds too good to be true.” Many doubted our sincere motivations and reasons for offering such a program and delivering a fully renovated home for you. I suggest you read OUR HUMBLE ORIGIN STORY for the long version of why we do what we do.

Why Are We Doing This?

Why Would We Take Such Risks?

Are We making a Fortune?

Watch Vince and Erica’s Video

Let’s answer that last question first. No, we are not making a fortune. Let me say, we are COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT with regard to how we transact on all of our programs, especially with our Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process. WE HAVE TO BE TRANSPARENT, when we are making such large promises to you. If just ONE CLIENT in our growth history discovered something we were hiding, it would sink us – permanently. We’re an open book.

The Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process has the potential to generate three sources of possible income to us: a commission on the real estate purchase, a nominal profit margin on our investment capital, as we sell the home to you, and we earn income from the loan. When clients speak to us personally and take a good hard look at what we do and the risks we take, they always become satisfied and comfortable. By the way, the VA protects you from paying too much for the home by way of the independent VA appraisal. We can’t get VA financing for more than the home’s appraisal value. Again, watch Vince and Erica’s video.

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