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Avoiding Mistakes & CRUSHING Your Deals Using Your VA Loan

by Peter Van Brady

Our Story – The Big Idea Becomes a Reality

So Cal VA Homes’ Core Values & Distinguished Mission: To do what no other company can do… to do what no other company is willing to do for our men and women who serve… to be the ultimate crusaders for Veterans buying homes.

Chapter 1: The Rational Renter vs. The Bold Buyer

Should you continue to rent or should you be buying a home using your VA Home Loan Benefit?

Chapter 2: How to Buy a Lovely Home

The nuts, bolts, and key ingredients of a successful home purchase using your VA Home Loan Benefit.

Chapter 3: “Your Documents, Please!”

How to get your Certificate of Eligibility and Why ALL this documentation is so important to using your VA Home Loan Benefit.

Chapter 4: What You Should Know About The Gatekeeper

The VA Appraiser and the VA Appraisal. The pros and cons of the VA Escape Clause, VA Amendatory Clause and the Tidewater Initiative.

Chapter 5: “No Mello Roos, and Hold the HOA Please!”

The pros and cons of HOA’s (Home Owner Associations), Mello Roos “taxes,” and should you buy a condo using Your VA Home Loan Benefit?

Chapter 6: Poor-Looking Properties Produce Problems!

Financing with your VA Home Loan Benefit is hard with these property condition stumbling blocks.

Chapter 7: How To Buy a BIGGER Lovely Home!

Important tactics to use when movin’ up and buying a bigger home using your VA Home Loan Benefit. How to use private lending to your advantage.

Chapter 8: Buyer Beware of a “Fixer”

The pros and cons of using Your VA Home Loan Benefit to buy a house that needs some work.

Chapter 9: The Truth About VA Construction Financing.

VA Construction Loans and VA Renovation Loans.

Chapter 10: Financing that Facilitates the “Fixer Upper”

Buying to renovate: The FHA 203k, a VA Financing Alternative?

Chapter 11: Factory Direct Homes!

Modular and manufactured home options for VA Buyers.

Chapter 12: Surviving Spouse Benefits

How a surviving spouse can use the VA Home Loan Benefit… and other surviving spouse benefits.

Chapter 13: You’re Entitled to Free Money – VA Housing Grants

Combining a housing grant with the So Cal VA Homes Dreamweaver Home Purchase Process.

Chapter 14: Gold Mine or Coal Mine? The CalVet Loan

Advantages and disadvantages of a CalVet loan vs. a traditional VA home loan.

Chapter 15: A Terrific Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

How do you qualify for and reduce or eliminate your property taxes?

Chapter 16: Why You Shouldn’t Cry Over Credit

Your credit score is NOT as important as you may think when buying a home using your VA Home Loan Benefit!

Chapter 17: Misleading Credit Monitoring Systems

Why you shouldn’t trust credit monitoring systems when using your VA Home Loan Benefit.

Chapter 18: When You Need a Down Payment

Should you borrow from your retirement plan or liquidate your retirement plan? Down payment options when borrowing more than the county VA loan limit.

Chapter 19: Paying “Extra” On Your Loan – Mortgage Rigormortis!

Beware… This could be your biggest financial mistake!

Chapter 20: Bogus Bi-Weekly Payments on Your Mortgage

Are bi-weekly payments on your mortgage a big mistake?

Chapter 21: The Secret Advantage of VA Disability Income

Why receiving Disability Income is an Economic Advantage for VA Home Loan Borrowers Especially When Getting a VA Cash-Out Refinance Loan

Chapter 22: The Cash-Out VA Refinance vs. An Equity Line

The pros and cons of financing options to improve your home or consolidate your debts.

Chapter 23: The TRUTH About HERO Loans

An in depth examination of the benefits and pitfalls of this new home improvement financing gadget.

Chapter 24: Easily Exchangeable Loans - The VA Streamline Refinance

When Should You Refinance Your VA Home Loan? The Tremendous Advantages of a VA “IRRRL”

Chapter 25: The Energy Efficient Mortgage

Your VA Home Loan Benefit offers $6000 for energy efficient home improvements. Why?

Chapter 26: Mission Control: Financial Success For Life

Fundamental financial planning for Veterans and military families.

Chapter 27: Be a Real Estate Investor Using Your VA Benefit

How to use your VA Home Loan Benefit to immediately become a real estate investor.

Chapter 28: A Veteran’s Vision… How To Start a Business

Using your VA Benefits to start a business – chasing the American Dream.

Epilogue: Can You Help Us?

Faced with an infinite uphill battle, So Cal VA Homes maintains an intense commitment to expand and find creative ways to serve those who served us. Help us.

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