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Buy More Home With Your VA Loan in 2018

Up to $679,650 With Zero Down and Zero Closing

Find the VA Loan Limit for any County in California

Your VA Loan Limit and Maximum VA Loan Amount take into consideration several factors including;

1. The county in which the property is located;
2. Your Down Payment;
3. The annual adjustments made by the VA.

The VA Loan Limit is the maximum loan amount a qualified Veteran can borrow with no downpayment. If the loan amount exceeds the VA Loan Limit, most lenders will loan $75 for every $25 of downpayment.

If you have funds available for a downpayment and would like to borrow more than the VA loan limit for your county, use the slider or input field to adjust your downpayment amount. You’ll be able to evaluate the increase in your Maximum VA Loan Amount. Of course, the actual amount you will be able to borrow will depend on your VA Entitlement, credit, income and other qualifying factors.

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For Assistance, call a Sr. VA Home Loan Technician today!

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For Assistance, call a Sr. VA Home Loan Technician today!

(949) 268-7742

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