WARNING!If you are blindly entering the market without a clear understanding of the pitfalls and weaknesses of using your VA benefit to purchase a home, well then…

You’ve got very bumpy road ahead as you learn the hard way…

While your VA loan is an unmatched benefit, it is also a liability – an imposing barrier…and that fact is truly an injustice…

If you have NOT realized yet what a disadvantage your VA loan is when trying to buy a home…you’re about to find out that the real estate market is very biased against you…

For the good homes that you want, you’ve GOT FIERCE COMPETITION!

You’re competing with all CASH offers coming from every direction and substantial conventional offers with large good faith deposits – IT’S TOUGH! Their offers are simply FAR MORE attractive…

Their offers close faster…there are no rigid VA inspections…no extra closing costs the seller is asked to pay for…

So what’s your strategy to get some attention on your offer?…

…to just bid the HIGHEST PRICE? Is that a winning recipe?…to OVER PAY?

What if the VA appraisal comes in too low? Then what?

Look…whether you are “pre-qualified” and just starting to make purchase offers or you are at the beginning stages of considering a home purchase using your VA benefit, you’re going to need a copy of:


“How to Successfully Navigate Through the Jungle of Unforgiving & Heartless Responses to VA Purchase Offers in Today’s Real Estate Market”
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“This compact guide is essential reading. The strategies it contains are crucial in bypassing the VA home buyer’s “market battle” altogether when trying to purchase a home using their VA benefit.”

Even if you are a VA buyer who is remotely considering a home purchase in the distant future (even outside the state), you can benefit right now from the strategies and tactics described in this Guide.

This NEW updated edition of The Guide includes critical market updates.

In The New VA Home Buyer’s Survival Guide, You will find:

  • How to identify the sizeable, hidden roadblocks that unsuspecting VA home buyers face when making a common “VA Offer” today
  • How to deploy specific tactical advantages to overcome these unique challenges and get extraordinary results
  • How to erase lower expectations about what kind of property you can get. And raise your expectations to consider a CUSTOM home design – the right home with the right finish for you
  • How to stop the repeated frustration of hearing “NO, they accepted a different offer” from Realtors & Sellers
  • How to get our exclusive So Cal VA Homes Buyer’s Readiness Kit, which includes our proprietary VA Dreamweaver Purchase Method – a Fully Custom renovated home for zero down and zero closing!


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